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Gourmet moments

Gourmet moments to enjoy all the best that Italy has to offer during your romantic destination wedding

Get ready to delight your taste buds during your wedding reception in Italy: Italian food is known and loved all over the world and will help you deliver an excellent, totally delicious “gourmet moment” during your exclusive Italian wedding reception.

One the most important factors when planning the perfect wedding in Italy is the menu and drink selection. Italy is well known to be the land of the best world wines and the Italian cuisine has no competition around the world. As professional Italian wedding planners, we pay much attention on the “perfection of the wedding menu” starting from the cocktail to the end of the party. We take great care and delight in choosing the best products for your perfect wedding reception in Italy!

Historically, Italy has always had a very complex and interesting history: its geographical features have emphasized its regional variety and independent development. For this reason, regional cuisine is in Italy very important and is a whole world to discover.

The idea is to create a combination of “gourmet moments” to astonish your guests with the best Italian specialties combined with the best wines to reach the perfection of savors.

Enrich your wedding banquet with the local specialties of the region you are getting married in: when you choose your Italian wedding location, you will have the possibility of relying on a whole historical and gastronomic culture that will serve as a background to your wedding reception in Italy.

Feel like celebrating your Italian wedding in Capri? Well, that’s just perfect! Gastronomically speaking, the region Campania is THE one where you will be able to try and experience THE Italian food par excellence: traditionally, it is here, in Naples, that pizza - Italian quintessential national food - was born but of course there’s more… In Capri you’ll be able to savor excellent, true Italian pasta, delicious mozzarella, and freshly caught fish: you and your guests will be overwhelmed with delight!

But here in Italy there’s far more to discover: planning a wedding in Tuscany?

Get ready to take pleasure in a very simple yet delicious cuisine for your wedding reception in Italy’s best known and loved region: try the typical ribollita, a traditional soup of bread and vegetables, taste the worldwide famous, high quality Florentine steak or one of the traditional pasta kinds of the region (pici,  pappardelle).

Or maybe you’d rather get married on the Italian Riviera? In Liguria, the geographical features influenced its particular, very tasteful cuisine: seafood, artichokes, and olive oil are widely used and confer to all the dishes an unmistakable, unique flavor. 

For your wedding reception in Sicily, you will be able to experience a unique gastronomic culture, where Greek, Spanish, French and Arab influences merge into a wonderful, delightful mixture: fresh vegetables (eggplant, tomatoes and pepper), fish of every kind (tuna, swordfish, cuttlefish), delightful desserts and sweets will be at your disposal for your perfect wedding reception

In Italy regional variety is very pronounced, and it’s particularly perceived when “moving” southwards or northwards: even though fish is widely used as in Sicily, regional cuisine in Veneto is very different and special. If you are dreaming of getting married in Venice, get ready to try some very special local dishes: the delicious risotto was born here. Very similarly to pizza, this is a dish which is “one and many” at the same time: according to its ingredients (fish, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms) it can taste really differently. Thanks to its tradition as a maritime republic, fish is very important in its cuisine.

Then again, what about a wedding in Rome, the Eternal City? Your wedding reception in Italy’s capital Rome and the region Lazio can take advantage of an utterly tasteful regional cuisine: from the juicy local pasta “alla carbonara” and “all’amatriciana” (we all know that Italy is the land of pasta and each region has its own “version” of it) to the ewes’ cheese pecorino to the local pork roast (porchetta), here you’ll be able to discover a unique cuisine, where ancient roman culinary traditions have been enriched by the influence of other cultures and customs.

Last, but not least, we would like to present to you a new, “unconventional” wedding location in Italy out of the common track and its cuisine: Friuli-Venezia Giulia. For your wedding reception in Italy and Friuli, try the typical San Daniele ham, the Montasio cheese or Frico (a very special cheese-based dish): all these are perfect for open-faced sandwiches or canapés appetizers for your wedding reception or “happy hour” during you special day in Italy. The regional cuisine of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is heavily influenced by Austrian, Hungarian, Slovene and Croatian cuisines
Attention will be paid not only on the main wedding reception, but we also care on the selection of the drinks for the party as the quality of an Italian wedding created by us at WeddingItaly should continue on every instant of your magical day. We strongly believe on the magic that the Italian gourmet creates during an event.   

A true wedding reception in Italy worthy of the name cannot be such without a good selection of local wines and spirits.

The aim of our gourmet moments philosophy is to promote the excellence of the location your Italian wedding is set and the whole Italian excellent. We simply love good food and we want you to be amazed by our Italian gastronomy tradition.

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