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The paperwork

Legal procedures to get married in Italy

Civil wedding in Italy

Catholic wedding in Italy

Protestant wedding in Italy

Destination weddings in Italy are legal in your home country. We have experience with paperwork assistance   for citizens coming from all over the world. So many different countries abroad including USA, UK, European countries, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, South American countries, Nigeria, North Africa countries, Pacific Asian citizens and East European countries.

Paperwork for your wedding in Italy is easy with our assistance: we take care of all the process, we will arrange all required appointments and we will make all the possible documents at your behalf. We will follow you step by step on this and in most of the times we will personally take care of all the hassles of the most boring side of your Italian wedding!

Read what Paul wrote on his review and testimonial about his paperwork process:

 “…I’m not sure exactly what went on with the application process because Helga was on top of that. We followed her to the embassy and she told us what to say and do. That went perfectly fine. My advice to you, just follow Helga's lead and let her stay in charge. LOL, because then we went to city hall and got another stamp..... yea I'm a little lost on all what happened, but assure you, I could not have done this without Helga... Then we finished at our wedding site, with some more paper work.... but once again. HELGA did it!”

Legal documents are always required to get married in Italy for a civil or a Catholic wedding. The Catholic wedding can also be legal abroad (civil validity) as it can be combined with the civil paperwork.

What is a civil wedding in Italy?

A civil wedding is performed by a public officer, Mayor or delegate, in the town/city/village town hall or local marriage hall. A civil wedding does not include any religious blessing and strictly follows the articles of law of the Italian civil code. A civil wedding in Italy is legally binding in any country abroad recognized by the Italian government. Paperwork is required and procedures are different from country to country, but at Wedding Italy.com we do assist you in every step to collect the required documentation and we will always assist you during the appointments in Italy. Civil weddings in Italy must be performed in venues owned by the government or in venues where the local government (municipality) has given the permit to perform civil marriages. Italian civil marriage venues are commonly very beautiful and nowadays some Mayors give the opportunity to celebrate also outdoor weddings, in beautiful private Italian villas, castles and farmhouses.

What about a Catholic wedding in Italy?

Catholic weddings MUST be performed in a Catholic church. Italy has the most beautiful churches in the world ideal for any size, style and feeling. A Catholic wedding  in Italy requires specific paperwork to be provided before getting the authorization to get married in Italy. Yearly we help tens of couples to get married in an Italian church and we do follow you step by step assisting with the local Curia and helping you with all required documents. Catholic weddings can be legally binding or just religious: legally binding also legal paperwork is required. Catholic weddings in Italy cannot be performed outdoors except in a few specific venues.

Protestant weddings in Italy are legal abroad?

Protestant weddings can only be legally binding if performed by a minister with the authorization to perform the combined marriage. This is very rare and many couples prefer to get civilly married in their home country and plan only the religious part of the wedding in Italy. Protestant weddings in Italy can be performed anywhere including outdoor gardens, Villas, castles or farmhouses. Very few churches allow a Protestant wedding as Italy’s churches are mainly Catholic.

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