Angela Giordano


A bit about Angela

Born in the North but with deep roots in Southern Italy, Angela is a true insider of all is Italy and its traditions; In her continuous search for lesser-known corners and authentic atmospheres, since 2009 she has dedicated herself in the organization of customized and unique weddings in the most beautiful Italian locations. Her sensitive but decisive character makes her the ideal person to have by your side on such an important day as your wedding; her calmness conveys a lot of serenity, and her attitude to calmly resolve any problems and unforeseen issues is definitely her trump card. Graduated from Architecture University in Venice, she has always been passionated about art and design. The experience gained through design and architecture studies and in the profession of Designer for several years has brought to the WeddingItaly team her marked sense for aesthetics and attention to detail.  


Mentalist or witch? my WP secrets

Creating a good feeling with the client for me is fundamental; organizing an event as special as a wedding is always a challenge, doing it miles away fas foreign couples who decide to get married in Italy is even more so; that's why conveying trust is crucial. Being able to quickly sense the vision of the person approaching me is very important. But it's not about magical powers; it's all about knowing how to listen, how to pay attention and have sensitivity. My innate creativity certainly helps and I love to suggest that extra something unexpected, surprising, but always starting from the vision of those who put their Special Day in my hands. And after all, there is a little bit of magic when you combine two visions and the result is something unique. 

In my work with WeddingItaly I put passion, creativity, sensitivity, empathy, that special touch of Italian style and many years of experience. Turning couples' wishes into reality, as well as sometimes taking ordinary spaces and make them impressive environments for a special event, somehow it makes me feel like the good witch in fairy tales.  

Angela's top qualities

  • creative 
  • problem solver 
  • easygoing 
  • detail addicted 
  • whimsical 
  • reassuring 
  • …  

My passions

In my spare time I madly love to travel the world with a particular affinity to Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern countries. I love to bring home from my travels handicrafts and new recipes to experiment with. Backpack is always ready, as is my passport. As much as I love scheduling in my work just as much I love not having rigid schemes and schedules in my personal life. The best travels are those where I only buy the outbound flight and an open ticket for the return; the people you meet and the places that win your heart make the journey, leaving room for the unexpected. True travel takes time to stop, observe and experience the place. When not traveling I love to read books which is then another way to travel. Immersing myself in nature, whether by the sea or in wide open green spaces in company with my lovely dog is what gives my charge.  

Fantastic Beasts (and Where to Find Them)
David Yates
Fix You
The mountains sing
Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai, 2020
Abroad experiences

Abroad experiences

“I've seen a place I like, it's called World” I have always been quite independent and as early as my school days I asked my parents to allow me to study 3 months in London. When I achieved my economic independence, I immediately decided that all my savings would be used to visit the world. First all over Europe and the Mediterranean, many times to London, then Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, France, Austria, Nort Africa... But after a difficult moment in my life the turning point with India and my love for Asia. India and more India, then SriLanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Oman. Next trip planned Thailand and Malaysia. A famous Italian song says: I've seen a place I like, it's called World.  

What I love about Italy

  • the magic of secret gardens and the most hidden streets of Venice where I lived and studied
  • street food in Catania's fish market
  • the small medieval villages in Umbria
  • the Monti district with its artisan work stores in Rome
  • the seaside restaurants and stone towns in Puglia, where my roots lie
What can happen at work

What's for aperitif

There are so many anecdotes I could tell over many years as WP, like the time that time in Venice, despite a favorable weather forecast, a storm broke out just before going to dinner in the garden and with the whole team we reorganized dinner in the indoor hall in no time. No one noticed that that was plan B. Or again that time in Tuscany that a storm broke out during the church ceremony and the bride and groom had the convertible car with the top open parked outside. We went to ask the best man for the keys (not easy in the middle of the ceremony) so the bride and groom would find the car dry. Unexpected things can always happen but with cool heads and teamwork the couples and their guests will never know what goes on behind the scenes and will only have wonderful memories of the day. But maybe the best was that time in Sicily that due to a coordination problem in the kitchen the wedding venue "forgot" to arrange the food for the aperitif. I didn't lose heart and while the guests were celebrating the ceremony I took the car and went to the nearest "putia," which in Sicilian dialect means 'the village little store', resale of local gastronomic products. The guests' comment at the end of the event was that everything was great but the aperitif was really extraordinary! My motto is never lose your cool, there are no problems, only solutions!  

they say about her

Beyond thankful for Angelas service. She made everything perfect, had an eye for detail and without her, our wedding wouldn't have been as great as it was. She takes the stress out of your special day. Her planning was extraordinary and we can only recommend her. We married in Sicily, if you wish do to so, pick Angela as your wedding planner. You won't regret it. Perfect communication, planning and always open and friendly. Thank you again! Couldn't have done it without you.