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Carrie & Jeff

Carrie & Jeff

I cannot thank you enough for all your help in planning our wedding. It exceeded all of our expectations. Truly a fantastic experience.

Hey Tina!

First, you guys were absolutely fantastic. Helga was amazing to work with, and she actually made the frustrating paperwork issues we had to deal with as enjoyable as they could possibly be. I know Carrie loved working with you, and even though I was a bystander for a lot of the early emails and chats, I simply could not be more impressed with the services you offer. Simply put, we couldn't have done it without you. You literally made our wedding possible. Special thanks to Helga, who worked firsthand with us to deal with the paperwork bureaucracy. She was a huge source of patience and even humor during our little issue.

Finally, yes, the address you have for the photos is correct!

Thanks again.  You guys were awesome.

And also: 


Hi there...

I second everything that Jeff said and I also want to send you a personal thank you. Your planning and advice you gave us were wonderful and you always had great advice, all the answers, and plenty of patience! We could not have had a better planner for our wedding. We cannot thank you enough.

Quick note about accommodation:
Terre Dei Cavalieri was SPECTACULAR. It was our favorite place we stayed. The room, the farmhouse itself and the meals were out of this world. It was right out of a magazine. The photos do not do it justice. The grounds were impeccable, the room spotless and VERY romantic. The innkeepers VERY charming. It was just renovated from a complete ruin a few years ago so EVERYTHING is new and very authentic in the reproduction. I cannot describe in words how beautiful this property is. If you have people who wish to book in that area, I would HIGHLY recommend it. We could not believe it was 120 euro a night with breakfast.

Villa Poggiale was nice. The cooking lesson was really nice , their chef Anna was terrific.
We also loved Il Guelfo Bianco in Florence. The staff and the hotel were top rate. The room was spectacular. Perfect for our wedding time. The staff was so helpful and the location was perfect!

Special note about the florist: the bouquet was AMAZING. Perfect. I LOVED it. Sent you a couple of shots from the wedding in another email... :) Also, Paulo was the nicest, warmest photographer we could have hoped for! He was very kind and helpful and we are really looking forward to the images...

Helga...what can you say...Jeff already said it. We LOVED her. She was fantastic and had a great sense of humor  throughout our process. It was a joy to get to know her. She is a very interesting woman and really made our experience memorable. :)

Again, I cannot thank you enough for all your help in planning our wedding. It exceeded all of our expectations. Truly a fantastic experience.

All our best,

Carrie and Jeff

22 SEPTIEMBRE 2011 - Florence

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