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Fleur Deeson and Mark Wheeler

Fleur Deeson and Mark Wheeler

Everything was so perfect for us, the setting was stunning and the staff at Fonte de Medici could not have been kinder and more accommodating and welcoming to our friends. 

Hi Helga

Am just sipping a glass of Montepulciano wine and thinking of Tuscany!  So sorry not to have been in touch, we have been dealing with a house move, Cornish wedding party and v sad funeral - and we have only been back 7 days!  It has been quite hectic and I wanted to make sure I had time to email you properly to say thank you for everything.

We had a lovely honeymoon and were sent off on Monday morning (30 May) by our family and friends who had tied flowers and flags and bunting and cans to our car!  It was an emotional send-off and we had to stop 200m down the road to take all the debris off our car.  Then we had to stop after another 100m as I was crying uncontrollably and Mark had to comfort me.  I don't think a bride has ever been so sad to leave her wedding - it was like a dream that I never wanted to end. Everything was so perfect for us, the setting was stunning and the staff at Fonte de Medici could not have been kinder and more accommodating and welcoming to our friends.  Everyone fell in love with the scenary and with Fonte de Medici and all our guests want to go back there with us for our first anniversary (they can dream).

The bridesmaids put their bouquets in the car and I took them to the Cinque Terre with me and then on to Capri where they got completely trashed in a storm that caught us as we disembarked from the boat crossing from Napoli.  I didn't want to leave the bouquets behind though - they were stunning and the most beautiful wedding flowers I have ever seen.  My friend Kirsty is drying my bouquet and I hope it survives the Tooting (South West London!) air!

Everything was perfect, the food was fabulous and apparently when my brother saw the 'meat corner' during the canapes he said if he could take a big platter of it to his room - he would be in heaven (he is a man of simple needs!)  The food during the meal was amazing - I don't know how they did it for so many people and the vegetarians in the group said that they had agreed it was the best risotto they had ever eaten (I didn't tell them in had pork in it!  Just joking).  Most brides and grooms do not eat on their wedding day but Mark and I had seconds!  It was all just so relaxed - we really could enjoy every minute.

Please also do thank the band for us - we both agreed of all the things we spent our money on they were the best value for money (apart from you!).  They just created this brilliant atmosphere - they were funny, entertaining and just fabulous.  So flowers, venue, food, accommodation, setting - all amazing.

I can't thank you enough. When Mark and I got engaged, we wanted to run away to a registry office in London and just do it in secret as we were so worried that other people would create this nightmare for us that was so stressful - we would forget what it was all about.  We decided to get married in Italy because we love it there and when we met you back in October - we trusted you implicitly and knew that our wedding would never become about napkins or family rows or all those things.  It was amazing and I cannot thank you enough for the part you played.  I would recommend every bit of my wedding to anyone and so please do let me know if you have other brides who want to talk to someone who has been through it - I will sing your praises. But also, they could phone every one of our guests and get the same response - they all adored every minute and think it was the best organised, most fabulous, loving, emotional (that was not your doing!), thoughtful, fun, sunny, beautiful and delicious wedding they have ever attended.  When we saw them all again at the party in Cornwall, we were told it was like a reunion - they felt as if they had been part of a unique and special experience and they wanted to relive it all again.

I think the only bit I didn't enjoy was the photos - but that's because I am not very good at the posing and the attention (the photographer and video lady were so lovely)!  But I am so desperate to see them now and wondered when they would be done.  Please can anything be sent to my mum now as Mark and I are without address.  Mum's name is Angela Deeson and her address is 178, Farnaby Rd, Shortlands, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0BB.

Oh - and one other thing.  The scaffolding didn't matter at all at Certaldo but one of my very talented friends is an artist and had visited Certaldo a few years back.  While we were on our honeymoon, she looked at her photos from before and has done a beautiful painting of the front of the town hall and gave us a card saying, this was the only bit missing from the most beautiful weekend.

Finally, Mark and I are thinking of moving to Tuscany for six months.  We don't have a house now or a mortgage or a baby (!) and are thinking we might like an Italian adventure.  We loved studying Italian and love Italy - I am just seeing if I can sort out working from Italy.  So if you hear of any apartments of houses going for a long-term let - please let us know! Our alternative location is Rome - we can't decide if we want a city or country life!  Your advice please!

I think that is all from me for now.  Some of our friends have some beautiful photos and I don't know if you want any copies for other clients?  Just let me know.  Also - I would love your address to send you a card if possible.

Thanks again Helga, we have the best memories of our wedding and I know you played a big part in making it the amazing day it was.

Lots of love Fleur & Mark xx

28 MAYO 2011 - Certaldo, tuscany

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