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Leeson Breffini & Brian Dowling

Leeson Breffini & Brian Dowling

Sonia, first of all, I'd like to thank you and WeddingItaly for all you did for us since we first contacted you back in January.  The wedding was fabulous and something we and all our guests will remember forever. 

I can't believe it's taken almost a month (married 4 weeks tomorrow!!) for me to email  you.  It's been a busy month - Wedding, honeymoon (Amalfi Coast/Rome) then back to Ireland for 2 weeks and now, finally back in Shanghai.  So, at last I have the time to sit down and send this to you. 
First of all, I'd like to thank you and WeddingItaly for all you did for us since we first contacted you back in January.  The wedding was fabulous and something we and all our guests will remember forever. 
Both Brian and I were so happy with all the services you provided.
The Church: Well what can we say! The church of San Francesco in Siena is amazing and although I got quite a shock at the size and length of that aisle when I first saw it the week before the wedding, on the actual day it was such a fabulous location and created just the mood we were looking for.
The Priest: Fr. Paolo was great! He is quite the "character" but given the fact that he did ont know us, he did a great job.
Nicholas/Interpreter: Nicholas was a really nice, friendly guy and everything went well with the civil paperwork. Nico even hung out with us when Fr. Paolo was almost 1 hour late for our appointment with him on the Tuesday prior to the wedding!
Car Service: Fantastic and our driver Michaela was so lovely - In fact he was so friendly we invited him to join us for a drink (non-alcoholic!) at our cocktail reception!!
Flowers: I have received nothing but compliments on the flowers - and to think they got it so right from just an emailed picture! Both the bouquets and table centrepieces were amazing and added such great colour to the day.
Photographer: Marco Donato did a wonderful job and we are both thrilled with how the pictures turned out.  The prints he sent are great and I can't believe how quickly he got them to us. He also provided  a disk of  all the pictures he took - this is a really wonderful service. I have been told that in Ireland we would be charged lots to have access to all the pictures like this. So, yes, we recommend him highly.
DJ: I would encourage you to suggest his services to future wedding parties. He was fantastic, professional and a really nice guy on top of that.  What he offers for the price is pretty fantastic - He played from 6PM-2AM, during the cocktails, dinner and then dancing. He has thousands of songs downloaded and can play almost anything anyone requests. Also, prior to the wedding we had emailed him a playlist of our favourites, specifying what we'd like played for the cocktails, then dinner, then dancing etc.  The best part is he is also a fantastic photographer and throughout the reception took pictures which he then burnt to a disc and gave us at the end of the night. If you'd like to check him out (and see our pictures too!!) his website is www.alexbaldi.it
We cannot recommend him enough!
So Sonia, that's it! Thank you so much for everything. I just want to let you know that I will recommend your services on the Irish online wedding site www.weddingsonline.ie as there are so many Irish brides asking questions about Tuscan weddings on there.  Also, if you ever want to refer clients to us for a testimonial, feel free to share my email address with them, particularly if they are getting married at the same church, with Fr. Poalo, using the same photographer etc. BTW: We also recommend Mondanella castle as a venue - They did a great job on the day and sure know how to throw a good wedding!
Thanks again,
Take Care and good luck with all your future wedding planning.
Breffini and Brian

19 JULIO 2007 - Siena and Tuscan castle

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