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Bettina and Victor

Lake Como, VIlla D'Este
Matrimonio simbolico

The perfect luxury venue for a Lake Como wedding: Villa D'Este beautifully organized wedding in Italy

A stunning luxury venue for a Lake Como wedding whose timeless beauty has charmed illustrious visitors alwasl over the world for a century. An elegant villa that once welcomed princesses and monarch and is now an elegant luxury resort.

Bettina and Victor wanted their wedding venue to be just perfect, and couldn't have dreamt of a better setting than this stunning villa like no other.

Luxury environments, breath-taking views on Lake Como, for a lifestyle experience in Italy, inspired by the art of good living and excellence. Elegance and exclusive feelings were just everywhere to be felt in this stunning villa and its breathtaking park.

This beautiful Brazilian couple couldn’t have dreamed of a better setting for their exclusive wedding on Lake Como, Italy.

The on-site ceremony was nothing short of magic: no detail was left unturned with the lavish and refined floral decoration lining down the aisle for Bettina to reach the great love of her life in full splendor. And what impressive background for the moving symbolic ceremony that was! The breathtaking park with views on the lake and stunning monumental architecture were such a romantic and fabulous setting for this special moment.

Still touched by the sensational ceremony, reaching the reception halls in the villa was another marvel. The villa’s stunning classy atmosphere was perfectly matched by outstanding decoration and refined flowers, under history-rich chandeliers and ceilings. Emotion and marvel were soon followed by fun, laughter and dance! The level was kept high until the very end, letting Bettina and Victor’s guests live a beautiful romantic dream in the flesh. And the outdoor cutting of the cake with fireworks in the backdrop: what best way to say I love you and celebrate your big day with all your friends and families?

An elegant scenery with fabulous views, Lake Como is a dream setting for an exclusive wedding experience like no other. An actual dream come true!

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