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Mirella Guerrini and Chris Baker

Mirella Guerrini and Chris Baker

We very much enjoyed our wedding and our honeymoon. It was a fantastic experience and the most wonderful holiday I have ever had in my life.

Dear Sonia,
Sorry that I couldn't answer your email before. We had some things to arrange when we came back from our honeymoon.
We very much enjoyed our wedding and our honeymoon. It was a fantastic experience and the most wonderful holiday I have ever had in my life. A very special thank to you for suggesting our honeymoon accommodation - it was a fabulous place and very good value. Your specialist cooperation in preparing the papers and finding service providers has proven to be very useful - ours was not an easy wedding. Without you we would have gone mad.
Of course you can use this feedback for your customers.
Everything was fine:
the town hall was fantastic both inside and outside / Patrizia of the wedding office gave us comprehensive information two days before the wedding and we have been married by the mayor in person
The cerimony started a bit later than 12 because the mayor was not there yet, some guests arrived well on time, ohters even during the cerimony. So it was not really a problem if we sent the invitation for 11.30. The sala rossa was very nice and with decorative old furniture, there were only a few chairs so that most of the people had to stand.
After the wedding we went for a small reception that we booked the day before in Brisighella in l'Infinito. Wonderful place and very good food.
flowers and bomboniere were very nice.
hair and makeup + photographer were ok, not excellent, but it was all right
La Mormoraia was absolutely fantastic
I attach a picture for you to see.
Kind regards,
Mirella and Chris,

04 OUTUBRO 2009 - Faenza (Emilia Romagna)
Civil wedding

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