Alison and James

A big June wedding with lots of excited guests, some of them coming to Italy for the first time. The view of Lake Maggiore is quite an eye candy, even to the people who have been residing in the area and never got used to its beauty. The natural realm around the Lake provides a peaceful frame, the right amount of green vitamin making anyone feel better and calmer just with a look. James had taken his future bride to this wonderful location a few years before on a surprise weekend, and what a surprise that was! Alison felt this place summarised the aristocratic aesthetics from the classical times like few others did in Italy. And while admiring such examples of artistic perfection, why not giving themselves some indulgence, with a 5 star treatment at the Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromee?

Turning dreams into reality

The breeze coming down from North-West made the wedding morning slightly fresher, which was perfect considering the soaring temperatures forecasted for the weekend. Luckily, both venues chosen for the day would be temperature controlled - nothing like a midday ceremony inside a building entirely made of marble and stone. 

Their day was supreme and exceeded everyone's expectations. Luxurious, emotional and full of appreciation for life.

The tip of the day

The logistics of a large wedding are always our priority when we set out the wedding needs at the start of the planning. It is our job to alert the couple about possible red flag areas, and moving around in Italy as a tourist can already be a task, especially without the freedom of a rental. When required to move a big group for an event, our recommendations always point to the choice of a location for the reception that offers accommodation to most, if not all of the party. We were happy to negotiate for Alison and James on a comfortable package for them and some of their guests, which included the luxury of using the facilities onsite, pre and post wedding, especially their state of the art SPA service, known for using all the latest technologies and treatments. Arriving at the altar feeling at your best also extends to feeling good about yourself, so you can set the right tone for the 50 years that will follow.

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