Monica and Warren

A wedding worth of a magazine feature

Every now and again, we embark on a bride who loves decor and knows so much about it that creating the event together becomes a very motivating adventure.

This story takes place in a legendary 13th century castle 20 minutes outside of Siena, the place where Monica and Warren, a North American couple finally tied the knot on 5 October 2019, for a 3 day event of grandiose celebrations. The day felt extra special also because it was the same date Monica's grandparents got married many years before.

This was a true example of co-creation of a dreamy wedding. Our beloved flower designer was over the moon to work with Monica's 50 shades of pink idea for the castle decorations. Everything from the chandeliers, down to the choice of plating and cutlery, Tuscan chairs, floral arches and the dreamy flower swing used as a photoboot station, had been thoughtfully curated to represent romance and ever-lasting love. 

We have outlined the main moments of Monica and Warren's wedding below, have a read.

Hochzeit geplant von

Der Standort

The vision

Monica and Warren's wedding notes

Having the whole group sleep onsite would ensure no delays or last minute inconvenience, so we expected no issues with that, nor with the musical performances chosen for the program. The symbolic ceremony would be accompanied by a string trio, followed by a guitarist singing contemporary songs to entertain the group during the cocktail time. Monica expressed her preference for this second phase to be staged in the courtyard area of the castle, making sure that there would be vintage-inspired chill out corner with chesterfield couches and leather furniture, to complement the style of her decor. 

The photographer and videographer would grab the couple for a good hour of photoshoot whilst the guests are toasting, to take advantage of the golden hour and sunset light pouring over the shots. The dinner would presumably start around 7pm under the pergola in the garden. The design of this setup was the result of a collaboration between our dedicated flower designer and our bride. With many hours of hard work and email exchanges to envision the right amount of extravagance, this project would clearly speak of the bride's taste and personality, to which she added personalised name and table tags made for her in the US using quartz, another shiny pink element to add to her romantic table arrangements.

The five deal breakers for Monica and Warren

  • Location: anywhere with a beautiful castle 
  • Ceremony: on 5 Oct, the same day as her grandparents
  • Reception: outdoors, with possibility to hang chandeliers 
  • Guests: 8 children needing babysitter service
  • Side activities: wine tasting experience

The action plan

How did we pull it off

The Big day went smooth and exactly like we planned, and we could even arrange a fun children's corner inside the castle where three babysitters entertained the little ones, and keept them busy making balloons, while the parents enjoyed the celebrations in the next room.

At the end of the sit-down dinner we guided the party to the garden where the wedding cake was waiting, and to everyone's surprise - as the knife cut into the cake - fireworks went off in the sky. Then, once inside, the impromptu performance of our two artists, the tenor who sang at dinner and the guitarist from the cocktail time, who gave an incredible rendition of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' to kick off the dancing time. 

On the last day of their wedding weekend, Monica and Warren could treat their loved ones to a light lunch in the nearby town of Castellina in Chianti, and a much-desired wine tasting experience for everyone, before they waved their goodbyes.