Allison and Enrico

"Don't let your dreams be dreams" (Jack Johnson, singer)

We met Enrico in August 2015 during an impromptu site inspection - truthfully we found out about his visit only 6 days before, but occasions like these are not to be wasted. He was in Italy for business and suggested he would take a look at some venues, in person. Coincidentally, we were coordinating a wedding on Lake Maggiore and that's where we set the appointment. Allison would be joining us on video call so she could also see and ask spot-on questions. From this weekend together and the few emails we had exchanged until then, we understood that they were searching for a calm, attractive environment with enough onsite room to accommodate their big families (their friends seemed more flexible with sleeping requests). Lake Maggiore is a big hit for people who plan on exploring the grounds and maybe even extending the trip to Switzerland, so killing two birds with one stone! 

Turning dreams into reality

The 25 July the sun was shining high when guests started to pop up at the designated place for the ceremony. The venue had suggested to set up a couple of high-top tables further back, by the magnificent fountain of the parkland, with refreshments. People choose Italian weddings also for the food, and we want to make sure they don't leave disappointed. The staff carefully refilled the stations right before the wedding march hit its first notes, and then went out of the photographer's way. All proceeded smoothly and with a modest emotion. The Hoopa made with a beautiful white chiffon canopy showed the incredible landscape behind, tiny little houses climbing the mountains that guard the lake, and the slow-moving waters being the grounding presence of the ritual. The reception was hosted outdoors, under a big white gazebo set up in the tropical garden of the villa, with an all-white elegant table set up, for a truly classy look in the photo album.

The fix of the day

The day had been entirely planned on an al fresco-only basis but a July storm surprised us around 7 in the evening, right in the middle of the speeches. No one seemed to mind the theatrical atmosphere with the rumble of the skies as background music, but when the temperature dropped the ladies started to borrow their men's blazers to warm up. The party had a lot more to go, which is why Sonia suggested to move the celebrations indoor. The management was incredibly collaborative and made the banquet area near the garden available - the group was then guided indoors and the music changed to 'Hava Nagila', the traditional tunes accompanying the horah - just in time. A wedding planner on site coordinating the day is the best way to enjoy without stress your memorable time.

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