Andrea and Karl

'Sometimes the only realists are the dreamers' (Paul Wellstone, author)

It was a different story for Andrea and Karl. This Austrian couple from Graz had already done the work, and knew the venue very well. On a late summer trip to North Italy the year before, Karl popped the question as they were hiking around the Lake District area. The excitement was too high, so they casually started looking at places they met on the way, and when they reached Como, they looked at each other in agreement, they found the one. We would be the part of the game linking all the wanted dots, liaising with the venue, booking the services and making it happen on the day. Lake Como is an area of extreme natural beauty, the green decorating the lake waters has the power to make everyone feel more rested in a short time, and we certainly were looking forward to the view.

Turning dreams into reality

When you book a venue like Villa Lario, you are asking for luxurious comfort and attentive service. These two are key components in an event, for they ensure that your guests will be attended to with kindness, and feel very special. The ceremony took place in the Church down in the village of Pognana just before midday, with the sunlight coming in from behind the eastern mountain ridge. By coincidence, the celebrant had fond memories of Graz, that he shared during the ceremony bringing smiles and giggles amongst the crowd. We feel very lucky that we can count on professional collaborators supporting our work with such generosity.

Back to the villa the scenery turned even more spectacular. A lovely cocktail moment on the grass kept guests happy during some photo taking of the couple by the lake shores, benefiting of the afternoon light, followed by the luncheon in the backside veranda overlooking the water. The table setup deserves a special mention, for each guest had a mini champagne golden bottle waiting and the centrepieces made of white and off-white peonies were towering over the round table, in a tall glass vases - over-the-top elegant. Trusting the venue on adding little notes of style to your design is a great feeling.

The tip of the day

Never underestimate the endless possibilities that a villa can offer to its guests. Federica, our enthusiast WP was quick to add a refreshful yoga session to the wedding plan, scheduled on the morning before the wedding. Andrea had no idea that this service was even available and showed immense gratitude to us because even the most together bride can have a difficult moment before her big day. 

What a wonderful way to untie all those wedding knots and breathe out the stress.

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