Marguerite and Raja

'Happiness is a risk. If you’re not a little scared, then you’re not doing it right' (Sarah Addison Allen, novelist)

Marguerite and Raja came with whole shared folder with inspirational looks, dream venues, and the entire guest list highlighting the relationship to each guest, with two adjectives to describe them (or to warn us with) - we love a well planned couple! It makes our job a lot easier, but it does turn up the pressure a little, we won’t lie. Regardless of this, we really enjoyed taking direction from their most intimate wishes. In this industry, some requests may sound impossible at times but we think all couples deserve us trying to shoot for the stars, and so we did.

There was little that they hadn’t thought about, only minor details to look at together. It was going to be a beautiful Catholic ceremony in one of the main churches in Florence. The selection of the venue for the reception took some deciding, but only because the families had different opinions than Marguerite and Raja. Other than that, the whole event had a pretty clear vision behind it.

Turning dreams into reality

On the day, all the worries turned to smiles and laughter. Luckily, the early morning showers didn't spoil the mood and the outdoor terrace ready to welcome the guests for the reception. The bride arrived at the Chiesa di Ognissanti looking gracious, and over the moon with happiness. The delicate colours of the floral arrangements inside the Church beautifully balanced the daring character of this Baroque piece of art, nothing quite like a Franciscan church to promise to love and cherish each other for better, for worse. And kudos to Raja for thinking about having a caricaturist at the venue, to entertain the guests while him and his gorgeous bride would be captured in wedding shots around the alleys of Florence. What a success!

The tip of the day

It's easy to get tempted by the offer of exclusive rental from certain villas and castles, we know the drill. However, our experience tells us that if the numbers aren't right, the event has the potential to turn into something other than memorable. It's challenging to envision the size of a location and if the group is relatively small, how the empty space can affect the atmosphere of the whole event. This is why we advised Marguerite and Raja against their first and second reception options. It's comparatively smarter to size down, maybe go to a less luxurious estate, and compensate with a nice styling of the venue, than choose a big, extravagant castle that you won't have enough guests to fill with.

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