Maria and Mikhail 

'All of my youth growing up in my Italian family was focused around the table. That's where I learned about love' (Leo Buscaglia, author)

Choosing this 5 star rated lieu of wonderment had been Maria. She had been browsing online in search of a location that would speak to her, resonate with her style and her conceptual idea of the upcoming nuptials. She started early because she knew rushed decisions would throw her off course, details were of extreme importance to her. Mikhail would occasionally ask her for updates and they ended up looking at photos together, but as it often happens in couples planning their wedding day, it's the future bride initiating and managing the operations. When she noticed pictures of a previous wedding on our website, featuring the secret garden with the magical backdrop of Florence's Cathedral, she instantly felt that the Four Seasons was the place.

Turning dreams into reality

The quartet of violins started off the event with such grace and classic beauty that it was as if we were suddenly witnessing a celebration from a past era. The symbolic ceremony had been beautifully embellished by personal readings and a very touching speech with philosophical notes pronounced by the celebrant, a family friend. Little details like what you choose to say during the ritual can truly make a difference, and give rich content to use during the wedding video. The day followed on the same tasteful tones and delicate palette, until the DJ went behind the mixer and guests finally let loose. Maria had a change of outfit to be able to hit the dance floor and show her new husband her best moves. We really treasure moments like these, people moving in sync with the music, and with each other, releasing the pressure of the day and fully diving into this time of enjoyment. Keep dancing!

The tip of the day

We were still able to surprise the Trubetskoys'. Sonia arranged with the hotel management for a special little extra for the newlyweds, something to close the formal celebrations before the party went wild. Maria was left in tears, as fountain firecrackers went off creating a circle around her and Mikhail, while hugging tight in front of the tiered cake. What a great way to wish them a future of love and sparkles.

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