Rocco and Sabrina

'It was the kind of kiss that made me know that I was never so happy in my whole life' (Stephen Chbosky, screenwriter)

What a lovely time we had with Rocco and Sabrina! This French-Belgian couple came to us roughly two years before the intended wedding date to enquire about regional differences and viable options for a destination wedding in Italy. It's not uncommon for future newlyweds to contact us early because some people need more time to sit on proposals, before coming to a unified YES. One thing they strongly desired, and that was the chance of a great time with friends and both families. Considering the group of guests was mostly formed by lifetime friends, mates who lived overseas whom they had not seen much, Sonia proposed hosting a welcome dinner, and Sabrina loved it! Welcome dinners are for mingling and catching up outside the big rush and emotions of the wedding day, and they represent an extra opportunity for a stylish set up, redesigning the place. They both had a strong sense of style and an eye for pretty things, so we could foresee it was going to be spectactular!

Turning dreams into reality

This event was extra special since Rocco and Sabrina have Italian blood and their families, who settled in the North over 50 years ago were very excited to be celebrating this occasion in their beloved homeland. They booked a masseria near the city of Ostuni which gave them the advantage of hosting both the ceremony and the outdoor reception, just like Sabrina had hoped for. The choice fell on a property with areas that could be relatively flexible to be dressed in different styles. The veranda bordering the pool staged the welcome dinner with a full rustical-chic vibe where conviviality and the red dress of the future bride were the focus of the night. The following day, while the official signing of the wedding papers took place in the Town Hall of Ostuni, the masseria turned its skin over to host a more personalised, pearl white ceremony where family readings and the soft music of an arpist accompanied the married couple on this important passage of life. 

The tip of the day

In our decade long experience, we've come to know that after their magical time in Italy couples tend to remember almost only the loudest details, the ones that shout out a certain Italianness from the whole experience. That's why we don't tiptoe around special effects on your wedding weekend during the planning. Fireworks, hiring a Fiat 500 or a Vespa to reach the venue, a traditional dance performed in between scenes, the midnight snack with focaccia and prosciutto, joining the folklore festivals in the nearby village ... if you come all this way, it only makes sense that you make an impact on your memories, and your guests'. Rocco and Sabrina did us proud - and had a truly fun, memorable time reconnecting with their roots!

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