Suze and Michael

A perfect beach wedding in Puglia, Italy for Suze and Mike

What an amazing Puglia weekend: the carefree atmosphere in a stylish setting, romantic atmosphere with a breathtaking scenic backdrop, the charming feeling of a historical Masseria with all modern comforts and top-notch service: Suze and Michael’s beach wedding in Puglia, Italy, was just so special!

Looking for an exclusive beach wedding experience to remember forever, Suze and Michael decided to go with a memorable more-day event to make sure their guests could get in the mood of their big day! It starts with a charming boat tour day, to discover all of Puglia’s hidden beauties and create the right atmosphere for a beach wedding: fun and relaxation! And on the wedding eve, nothing better than a cheerful beach Italian wedding party to let all guests get together with a relaxed and casual party.

The day of the wedding the beautiful masseria's beach club was set up to conjure up the most romantic and charming atmosphere ever. A splendid white wooden gazebo carefully decorated with marvellous flowers and white drapes... white chairs and decoration against a backdrop of purest blue... romantic candles on golden sand... the ceremony was just so romantic, gently elegant and extremely relaxed at the same time: and the sand mixing moment was simply unforgettable! Accompanied by the notes of a talented local jazz band, the music was just perfect to the elegant-carefree mood of this marvellous beach wedding in Puglia!

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