Tammin Sursok and Sean McEwen

A Hollywood worthy event in the one-and-only Florence

“It was the most magical, breathtaking, incredible and wonderful day of my life. People always told me that at your wedding, a lot of the time you don’t really get to speak to people and enjoy yourself. But I got to spend magical moments with every person there." 

These are the words of Australian actress Tammin Sursok on her wedding story with producer and writer Sean McEwen. A luxurious three-day event which took place in a marvellous location, one of the few looking out at Florence from the top of a luxurious terrace. 

Tammin and Sean like many other couples picked out Tuscany - an incredible pool of historical resources, and the roots of the most authentic Stile Italiano. We are grateful that they trusted WeddingItaly as their reliable wedding planners. 

Here's their story.

La locación

The location

Framed in Florence

Tammin and Sean fell in love with Italy many times, the last of which in the year before their big event during a holiday. They felt something was just right.

“We fell in love with each other all over again,” Tammin declared in an interview. “We’d been together almost five years – and we went to this hotel, a villa in Florence. We thought: ‘When we get married, this is where we want to do it. It’s a little piece of paradise. It’s the most magical place.”

Celebrities are amongst the people who choose Tuscany as their wedding location because they are looking for something extraordinary. Here wedding planners are willing to go the extra mile to fulfil a couple's lavish dreams and there's a variety of exclusive offering some of the best views of the city. Let's have a look at the one our Hollywood couple decided on.


The villa

A former aristocratic residence

Once a noble residence of renowned Renaissance Revival style, and only a few steps away from Ponte Vecchio and Piazzale Michelangelo. Villa Vedetta offers one of the most wonderful sceneries of the florentine landscape.

In addition to offering Tammin and Sean, and all the 30 guests to sleep onsite for the entire weekend in the beautifully-decorated rooms and classical suites, the venue is made up of gorgeous little corners like the Italian gardens and its decorative fountain and panoramic pool. Often a favorite for outdoor wedding receptions during the sunny season. 

This is where we also hosted the cocktail party for Tammin and Sean and their guests, on Day 1 of their wedding parade.


The happy couple

Who are Tammin and Sean

Tammin Pamela Sursok is a South African-born Australian actress, singer songwriter. She's known for her roles of Dani Sutherland in the Aussie hit series of Home and Away, Colleen Carlton in the big-time soap The Young and the Restless and Jenna Marshall in the most recent Pretty Little Liars. 

Sean McEwen is an American actor and producer, known in the industry for his work in the 2019 movie, Braking for Whales. His first debut as an actor happened with the television series Primetime Glick in 2001. Later, he rose to fame with the production of the comedy series Aussie Girl, a tv show starring Tammin as the main character.

The deal breakers for Tammin and Sean

  • Location: Florence
  • Ceremony: protestant at St James Episcopal Church
  • Reception: Villa La Vedetta
  • Style: white elegance, super romantic

Wedding ideas

Needs and expectations

Tammin and Sean first contacted us at WeddingItaly two years before their wedding date, and told us that their event should be luxurious, and sophisticated at the same time. 

Privacy was of the outmost importance to them, as they wished for an intimate and romantic ceremony with the few selected guests joining them in Florence. 

Our team is very accustomed to work with people of notoriety, and we are aware and receptive to special needs and expectations.

We dedicated our best work team to put together their wonderful event, ensuring a very open communication with the couple and an honest exchange of opinions. This proved to be the most effective ingredient to their successful celebration.

Want to know

How did we pull off a celebrity wedding

Tammin Sursok arrived in a Rolls Royce to the church for the ceremony, and entered the scene accompanied by the notes of a charming string quartet. Her husband-to-be and the entire group welcomed her in what was one of the most magical moments of the weekend.

 The song thoughtfully chosen for the couple's first dance was I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman, what a wonderful way to celebrate their love! 

We were lucky to witness such incredible moments, and be a part of Tammin and Sean's day of love. In 2021, the couple, now parents to two gorgeous little girls, Phoenix Emmanuel and Lennon Bleu renewed their vows with a surprise ceremony in Australia.

You can view Tammin's full interview on her Italian wedding, on the Australian issue of Woman's Day magazine.