Bridget and Jarrett

Every detail was beyond beautiful I will always be amazed at how Helga was able to take our vision and bring it to life.

I have to say the idea of getting married overseas, especially in Italy is a dream to almost anyone. The planning on the other hand can be something that overwhelms almost anyone. I had called American Express Platinum and asked them where to start and to rec some possible villas. They put me in contact with one in Florence ( we love Florence, got engaged there and thats where we were married) and the Villa immediately put me in contact with Helga Marcks from WeddingItaly. That summer a year before the wedding we flew to Florence to meet Helga and to look at Villa's and it was perfect right from the start. There are very few people that touch your heart in life and I must say Helga is one of them. From the very first time we met her she was on time, listened to every detail we loved, made suggestions. We had our heart set on an italian style wedding cake and she had her baker drive 40 min to give us samples. She didn't have to do that but it was such a wonderful touch. Helga is the absolute best at what she does. Over the next 9 months we planned the wedding, my wife and I in the United States and Helga in Italy. We emailed, we skyped and we sent many pictures and ideas. Helga even got us into the church we wanted to be married. We grew a great relationship over the time we planned the wedding and what amazed me the most is that through all of our changes of ideas and wants, Helga was always calm, supportive and had no issues with anything. I was so amazed at how she was such a professional that she handled everything with ease. The one thing I will say is the paper work to get married legally overseas is a bit extensive and without Helga I would never have bee able to figure that out. Not only did she help me through that 6 month process, she got us our translations as well and when we got to Florence walked us to finalize everything. The day before our wedding and our wedding were perfect. In a time when so much could go wrong, everything went so perfect. Every detail was beyond beautiful I will always be amazed at how Helga was able to take our vision and bring it to life. What was more special is all the people Helga suggested, from the Villa to the photographer, to music etc. everyone was not only profession but amazing people. We will miss our emails with Helga and we hope we can stay in touch I want to say to everyone if you want to get married in Italy use Wedding Italy, and if you get married in Tuscany make sure you seek out Helga. I have had the please of meeting many people all over the world in my life and Helga is one of the best. She is the absolute best at what she does and what makes her more special is how much she cares. A truly wonderful person and we had the most special wedding we could have ever wished for. Thank you so much Helga for everything you did for us, you have touched are heart forever. We wish you the absolute best. Jarrett and Bridget

Bridget and Jarrett
13 August 2016 - Florence
Catholic wedding