Destination de luxe en vedette : Lac de Côme et Lac Majeur

An elegant wedding on lakeshore

The lake district is very attractive to high-end weddings in Italy thanking to the charming villas and sumptuous hotels overlooking the lakes.

Lake Como and Lake Maggiore are surrounded by incredible mountain peaks. The clear waters of these unspoiled lakes lead to beautiful garden paths on the way to some of Italy's most lovely Villas. A destination wedding in Lake Como and Maggiore will be beautiful enough to take your breath away: you have the combination of some of the most beautiful villa in all of Italy, joined with the pure loveliness that only nature, unadulterated by man, can truly provide.

If Lake Como is well known, thanking to a prestigious testimonial resident George Clooney, the other Lakes are less touristy and for this reason even more appealing for a very special Italian wedding. Lake Maggiore is recently one of our most suggested destination, as a matter of fact, we suggest this charming Lake for those couples wishing a luxurious setting as one of the charming sumptuous villas on the Lake, but in a less crowded area where they can still feel the charm of an Italian atmosphere.

Among these venues, we love the charm of the villa featured on the first video your find below.

Lake Como is of course the Pearl among the Italian Lake district. There must be a reason people from all over the world loves to get married on its shores. Lake Como is a true special destination and some of the villas and hotels are often booked years in advantage. One of the most exclusive villas is…. And here a beautiful outdoor wedding for you to chew over.