Lancer le bouquet : la meilleure façon de le conserver après votre mariage italien

The bouquet is often one of the most beautiful memories and often brides bring it home after their Italian wedding.

But what if you want to toss your bouquet? Or will you really avoid to toss the bouquet as it is one of the nicest wedding traditions?

You don’t need to worry about this.

We can ask the florist to create a smaller “tossing bouquet “, similar to your bridal bouquet. The tossing bouquet can either be placed on the cake table as a decoration (tossing of the bouquet is usually scheduled after the cutting of the cake) or we can keep on the back side so no one will see the “trick”. This is an extra cost, but it is worth the memory of keeping the original bouquet!

Enjoy the following gallery with some recently designed bridal bouquets: every bride is different, every bouquet is different, every Italian wedding is different! Let us know which one you love the most and be inspired also from our Flower Design section.

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