Mélody and Clément…a romantic catholic wedding in the Chianti

Just imagine… a striking castle, conjuring up the most romantic feelings and atmosphere… an enchanted garden, that will make you feel as if you had entered an actual fairytale… stunning panoramic views of a picture-perfect countryside scenery, with soft rolling hills stretching out as far as the eye can see… wouldn’t this sound just like an actual dream come true? It sure was for this lovely French couple!

Mélody and Clément wanted their special day to be just perfect… full of love, happiness and fun! A special day to share with their nearest and dearest, in a lovely dream setting like no others! The catholic ceremony was just so special and romantic… and the atmosphere at the castle was simply matchless! … getting to the wedding venue in a magnificent MGA vintage car was just an actual dream come true… and the portrait painter was just that extra touch of class!

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