Elaheh and John

Saddle your dreams before you ride em' (Mary Webb, artist)

Born in the land of the Northern Lights and Steve Largsson, Elaheh and John had been brewing their dreams for a wedding in the Mediterranean climate since they met. When they approached us, we could notice their hunger for something a little more contemporary, with a taste of the old in a frame of the new. It's a common misconception that Italy is a place reserved for lovers of the old and traditional. There is so much more that can be discovered onsite, boutique venues with contemporary design next to beautiful antiques and experimental dishes executed with the culinary excellence learnt from their ancestors. Yet another testimony that our beloved Country operates following a generational quest for the art of beauty. We knew we had just the right place for them, and without too much convincing, they fell for it head first. 

Turning dreams into reality

Villa Vignamaggio is a pioneer in wedding concepts. The remodeling of the ancient grounds brought a splash of quirk in the air. A savvy mix of art, love for simple things and Tuscan eccentric savoir faire - a real paradise by Nordic standards. When John saw it ready for the event, he was ecstatic. He knew their guests would count themselves lucky to be there and experience it all. 

Getting ready with her bridesmaid friends, Elaheh felt the comfort from the low-key nature of the venue, and all the tension disappeared. She looked stunning in lace as she crossed the green gardens reaching the floral altar for their ceremony, and wearing her smile big. The delicate choices of outfits and styling details matched the venue palette like butter on toast. 

The fix of the day

On the eve of the event, we were a little in doubt for the weather and proposed to move the dinner and speeches inside the property, but Elaheh and John insisted to remain outside, they simply didn’t want their family and friends to miss the al fresco romance. Right in the middle of the cheerful toasts, the sky quickly filled up with clouds and rain poured in a matter of minutes. That's when the superhero staff of the villa rushed to the bride with a fancy white umbrella, and meanwhile people were evacuated from the grass area. The couple wasn't overly upset because the biggest part of their day had been saved, but we just didn't want their dream event to end on a less high note. Within half hour, like pros they set up an impromptu cake station with chairs and candles inside near the breakfast hall and the intimate atmosphere was quickly re-established for the final tear shedding moment of the day. "Wet bride, lucky bride", nothing truer than this Italian saying.

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