Elaina and AJ

'The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters' (Audrey Hepburn, actress)

Elaina and AJ, two young love birds with a clear vision of their wedding day, they certainly were a pleasure to work with. In the history of their families, there were many examples of wedding ceremonies performed in wonderful locations, that's why Elaina thought Italy would be a great spot to honor the tradition. Their party was going to have about 45 guests so they intuitively searched through venues which were slightly off the beaten path, to allow for a certain privacy. They needed the right space where the people could bond and enjoy the joint adventure, somewhere quiet but with a rich list of things to do, places to visit given that the majority of the guests were under 40. Being both into their fashion, they had been dreaming to touch down in the mother land of the biggest international labels, so we together with them, we optioned Florence and Milan as landmarks close to their love temple. When we got confirmation that the D-day was in late April, we showed our concerns for the Lake District. Spring time in the North has a tendency for cold winds and wet days, and we didn't want this type of weather to highjack their outdoor ceremony. We like to keep things very real with our couples, honesty is a great value of our branding and we always prefer the truth, to a pressured sale.

Turning dreams into reality

Tuscany turned out to be a fantastic choice. AJ would get his wine education, and Elaine and the girls would flock to the boutiques and local ateliers to fill her new wardrobe. The parents were ecstatic when they learnt that the villa was only 15 minutes by car to the famous Cathedral S. Maria del Fiore, and the Museums. It seemed like everyone would get their favorite holiday. The villa was absolutely beautiful. Even the most cynical soul had teary eyes when they saw the bride walking towards AJ on the lawn covered in petals, marching to the notes of a romantic harp. During the event things went incredibly smooth and we could assist to so much happiness around us, that warmed our hearts. A touch of Italian chic with the jazz trio playing during the al fresco dinner under the villa's pergola was all that the event needed to look extra stylish. And just when the guests got their serve of wedding cake, came the fire eaters with their exciting show... definitely worthy of the family wedding wall of fame.

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