Un matrimonio da supereroi a tema Toscana

Romantic feeling, splendid historical settings, breathtaking landscapes and a fairytale castle… Could you dream of anything better for a special wedding in Italy? This lovely American-Italian couple definitely could: Jessica and Mattia wanted their special day to tell something more about them, and to be tailored on their Fantastic personality and Amazing passions… they were not content with a special wedding, they dreamed of a Super wedding in Italy!

In a marvelous castle located just 30 minutes away from the gorgeous city of Florence, everything was planned to make sure Jessica and Mattia could live the best day of your life… A splendid mixture of themed wedding elements, elegant details and romantic atmosphere, the wedding had its beginning in a spectacular way, with groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen making their great entrance to the notes of… Star Wars’ Imperial March! The bride’s entrance deserved, of course a more delicate and elegant background music, walking down the aisle to the notes of a lovely nocturne of Chopin. A splendid ceremony full of emotion and love in a splendid setting, the couple’s passion for superheroes and fantasy was everywhere to be felt: from the delicious super-cupcakes to the breathtaking bat-wedding-cake, all was elegantly and wisely prepared to perfection… including bat-signal!

Set no limits to your imagination: a wedding in Italy can be romantic, elegant… and very special as well! If you are dreaming of a themed wedding with a flavor of the 20s, with a historic atmosphere or conjuring up a fantasy world, click here… and let’s start making your dreams come true!