Eliza and Robert

'Love is moral even without legal marriage, but marriage is immoral without love' (Ellen Key, author)

After their first email in January, and a visit in person in April to scout around in search of their one location, Eliza and Robert were counting down the days until their September flight to Perugia. They were keen on keeping things quite informal. That's why they followed a dear friend's advice on exploring the many options in this green area of central Italy. Umbria is all about simple, raw flavours. When you choose this land, you'll get to the core of Italian's passionate spirit and hospitable ways. Far from the aristocratic etiquette of Tuscany, or the extravagant decor of Venice, Umbria can fullfil your dreams of a legit Italian time. Down to earth and less conformed.

Turning dreams into reality

A beautiful sunny day, the dry land after a very hot summer, and the civil service held at the medieval palace in the city centre of Todi. The newlyweds arrived at the location for the reception in a purple vintage car and were welcomed by the excitement of their families and the husband and wife, owners of this historical country estate. One of the many reasons why we love Umbria is that the venues used to host events are owned and managed by very approachable, friendly people, just like Silvana and Carlo. The rustic-sweet set up in the garden was a true representation of Eliza's love for nature and all things hand-crafted. The menu highlighting the regional culinary art and the many products sourced in the farms around Todi was a total hit, and the guests were obsessed with taking pictures of the plates.

The tip of the day

The estate is particularly apt for semi-large groups because it offers a variety of areas, indoor and outdoor that can be walked and lived in during the day. The big back garden, the pool in the greenery, the olive orchard, and patios, verandas and beautifully decorated rooms on the ground floor with large french windows for the comfort of the guests. The upside of renting a whole villa is definitely connected with the chance of making use of all the spaces of the villa, and fit them in for the various moments of your day. Greatly recommended!

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