Hanzhang and Zheng

Another beautiful memory guarded by the banks of River Arno

We have seen hundreds of wedding dreams come true in our romantic country, and no matter how many video calls, email threads, pinterest boards and whatsapp messages later, things have a way to always come synchronically together on the day. And that's exactly what happened of Hanzhang and Zheng.

Every minute of this breathtaking two-day event had been thoroughly discussed and designed with such individual flair, with a precise care for how their guests would be impressed, and details would be imprinted on photos and in people's memories.

Below is a sneak peek into this hot couples wildest dreams, and how they came together.

Matrimonio organizzato da

La location

The vision

Hanzhang and Zheng's notes

Whatever the bride says, goes - and at WeddingItaly we like to honour that, so our brides (and grooms) feel acknowledged. There were two main aspects that mattered to Hanzhang. The first was to ensure that each bridal look she had carefully envisioned was going to match the different moments of the day, and with that a handful of details like music, entertainment and location inside the venue.

The other one - which we always get very excited about - was to take care of the traditional ceremonies that the couple planned to have. For them both, the importance of their heritage meant that they were going to bring in some personal rituals to which they savvily added an upbeat, contemporary twist, very much in line with their international bearings. 

The five main deal breakers for Hanzhang and Zheng

  • Location: close to a main city and easily reachable by all the guests
  • Ceremony: outdoors with intimate feel
  • Venue: exuding elegance, in the nature (if possible)
  • Guests: a mix of cultures and interests 
  • Side activities: entertaining. Welcome cocktail is a must!

The action plan

How did we pull it off

The plan of using the photographer for the wedding day shoot and combining that with the engagement photos worked wonderfully. At each change of dress things got increasingly glamorous, as our bride owned every shot with grace and confidence.

Villa Massa certainly represents Tuscany at its finest, for those in search of the Italian real deal. A long table setup on the terrace bordering the Arno river to welcome the big group on the evening of the wedding eve, with lanterns and candle lights totally successfully turned up the volume on romance. 

Details can make a difference. At this formal event that launched the weekend celebrations, we witnessed the simplicity of cala lilies marking the seats at the table - for a touch of measured elegance. Some very original artwork decorating the place cards with individual illustrations balanced off the linear setting. 

This was certainly a weekend where the couple's traditions and the many Italian folklore symbols blended in tastefully with the classic choices made for the setting, peaks of elegance and extravaganza. After the touching wedding ceremony, we were able to entertain the group well with a light aperitif where a caricaturist offered to portrait some of the guests, at their delight. 

The night went on, on the same elegant tones before the show reached a more extravagant edge with the performance of an aerial silk artist shining in the middle of the park at night, the cutting of a three-tiered super luxurious cake, and fireworks to finish off the night in style.

Don't forget to watch the wedding video below to take in all that this wedding was about. Enjoy!