Julia and Patrick

'Rituals are how we step into our private field of dreams. Rituals are made not just for us, but for those we want to pass them on to' (Andre Aciman, writer)

A young couple relying on their successful careers came to our beloved Friuli to show once more, that love has always the best timing. Julia and Patrick are people who spend time researching on new locations, emerging talents and experimental restaurants. Their holiday trips were always planned off hip foodie locations and strange trends, so when we spoke to them for the first time we knew that they would prefer to take a less traveled path, find a location with a distinctive style and lots of soul. 

We naturally presented them with our home region Friuli Venezia Giulia, and it didn't take long before they came back with their own list of preferences and requests. 

Turning dreams into reality

The Collio area is a district known for its production of white wines and for dreamy views with soft hills and, on sunny days, the sea at the horizon. The rows of vines gently mark this area, and make it one of Friuli's richest in villas and wineries, both of which welcome events of all kind, during the high season. 

The hearts of Jules and Patrick set on Baronesse Tacco, a property by the Slovenian border, with by far one of the widest, and nicest views of the North East. The low-back lace dress the bride was wearing, her hair decorated with a floral crown in perfect Frida Kahlo style, set the tone to the bohemian theme that permeated every little detail chosen by the couple for their day, and the venue fit wonderfully with it. An abundance of voluminous floral arrangements made with unfamiliar country crops and greenery, the copper and gold table setup. A feast to the eyes. The reception held outside in the yard at dusk, with the 180 degree view on the surrounding hillside made space for incredible photos of the couple, and their enthusiastic guests. We had a blast putting pieces together and coordinating the moments of the day, their group was large and genuinely nice. 

What a treasure this wedding was, an example that going offstream and chasing your 'unusual' ideas can pave the way for a truly wonderful event.   

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