Victoria and Brad

Thank you so much to Helga and to the team!!

I can't thank Helga Marcks enough for planning my dream wedding! She is the most amazing wedding planner any bride can ask for! Helga was with us through every step of the process and her input was extremely important. She understood exactly what I wanted and executed. She is so responsive and would get back to me right away as I am in the US. She was very patient throughout the process with us as we kept having the amount of people change but would help us ensure everything was perfect. We would communicate almost every day (sometimes multiple times a day) and she kept me on track to make sure we were locking in all the vendors timely. I was able to come to Italy twice that year before the wedding and Helga brought us for the taste testing, and to meet all the vendors which was extremely important to me. She was so calm throughout the process and wanted to make sure everything was what I wanted. The wedding day was amazing. We had about 140 guests and Helga and the company made sure everything went smoothly from hair/makeup, travel to the church for us and our guests, venue to finally making sure everyone got home! (It was a late party!) Helga has so much experience planning weddings and has such great relationships with all the vendors that really helped us. The service was outstanding and I highly recommend any bride thinking of a wedding in Italy to use WeddingItaly and Helga. She has become more than a wedding planner to us but a friend over the process! Our guests continue to rave about the wedding even a month after! Thank you so much to Helga and to the team!!

Victoria and Brad
24 August 2018 - Tuscany
Catholic wedding