Inigualável, lindo, romântico e socialmente ativo: o adorável casamento vegano italiano de Rachel e Steven

A soft breeze gently caressing your hair… an awe-inspiring landscape of soft rolling hills as far as the eye can see… the splendid feeling of a history-rich city such as the splendid Volterra… and above all the pleasure of adding importance to your special day… This was the dream of Rachel and Steven, a lovely couple from the UK, who wanted their big day to be romantic, special and… vegan! Even flowers were “environmentally-friendly” – especially prepared by the bride with love and care, the splendid paper flowers added to the beauty and importance of this splendid day!

Celebrating a civil wedding in Volterra can be an actual fairytale: the splendid wedding hall is just as beautiful and evocative as a church, and walking through this charming city after the ceremony was just a dream for Rachel and Steve! After the ceremony, a splendid Tuscan villa awaited the splendid British couple and their guests for a marvelous vegan aperitif (with the lovely background music of guitar and mandolin, to add that typical Italian flavor to this unforgettable day) and vegan sit down dinner! And to end with a touch of sweetness, a lovely vegan wedding cake and soy ice cream to celebrate this lovely “green” wedding!

What would your “perfect wedding” look like? What important messages should it convey? Just contact us with your ideas: we look forward to helping you make them come true!