Anastasia and Sergey

'Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake' (Henry Thoreau, naturalist)

The Italian South is certainly a land where passions run free and hearts are worn on the sleeves. The Amalfi Coast, in particular, screams arts and poetry. Something to do with the warm climate or simply the genetics of these people, full of life and emotion. Coming to this corner of the world will open your hearts and make you feel alive, in no time.

We felt a similar intensity in Anastasia and Sergey. They had met at the The Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg 2 years prior, she was working on a production and he was a Muscovite on a business meeting from New York. They became inseparable, and only two months before their big day had decided to take their closest with them to Italy, and make it a special wedding. 

Turning dreams into reality

The bride was stunning. A strapless flowy gown in chiffon, styled it up with a waistband embeeded with tiny diamonds, and long earrings that were colour matching to her lilac Manolo Blanik. Anastasia knew chic.

A very modest wedding group of 15 people, the bridal party wearing details along the shades of purple and violet, and the same colour palette repeated in the bouquet, and floral decorations. This couple needed very little guidance, the way they had envisioned their day was printed in sharp colours in their minds, and we felt very happy to be present by their side, without intefering much. 

Once they reached the private villa in Positano, a folkloric table dressed with lavender bouquets was waiting for them on the terrace with the view over the famous town, their thousand white rooftops and pools easily spotted from above. Their menu, a real testament to Italy's best cellars and kitchens. 

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