Chloe and Lambert

'Nothing happens unless first we dream' (Carl Sandburg, poet)

At Wedding Italy we are pros in working with long-distance couples choosing our bejeweled Country to stage their wedding dreams, so when we found out that our couple would be flying all the way from Capetown, we took their event as another unique opportunity to feel enriched by this exchange of cultures.

Chloe was very open to ideas and suggestions on services to book and locations. She was feeling at times overwhelmed by the responsability of making such big choices, even with the help of Lambert. They felt relieved when we shared our tips and started guiding them a little. Not all couples are alike, we make it our job to use the right tactic and ensure their experience of the planning stage becomes a memorable one. 

Turning dreams into reality

Florence, the Lakes, Venice, the Roman province, we invested the first few months in evaluating pros and cons of these options, but when we got to show them Puglia, they drop all their doubts! Puglia fully embodies the hedonistic character of Italy, with their slow living pace and great lust for life, that's why it's a big favorite. The best way to triumph one's love in this region is to book a Masseria style estate in the country - and their protestant ceremony looked so sweet in the minimalistic frame of their ancient tuff outside walls. The garden extending in the back of the property gracefully fit the 10+ round tables of the reception, allowing guests to circulate freely around the green area and mingle with the other tables. We really treasured the easy and intimate atmosphere from the sidelines, and so did they. 

The tip of the day

When they confirmed that it was going to be a big wedding, with guests joining from all over the globe - this immediately posed a challenge! Big weddings require thorough logistics and the need for the location to be within easy reach from an international airport. Couples can still have their large wedding in true Italian style without compromising on their dream of a remote location immersed in a natural, wild background. Luckily, the Country is relatively small-sized and narrow, so you can very well drive from bustling city centres to tranquil coastal stretches or countryside resorts in the middle of nowhere in a matter of 2-3 hours. It only takes trust in our knowledge and a little planning, and the job is done. 

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