Christophe and Jauffrey

'Love in its essence is spiritual fire' (Seneca, philosopher)

We received an enquiry from this sweet French couple from Marseille in the late fall, and we could see just how excited they both were about the upcoming event. They had been waiting and planning this moment for a very long time, so it's natural that closer to the end, they were counting minutes and seconds, so cute! Their ideas were all revolving around their love for the countryside. Growing up in a rural area of Southern France had not been a walk in the park, but the beauty of such places is rooted in the strong values they share with their people. A reverence to nature, the close-knit support system. 

Turning dreams into reality

Having traveled to Italy on a few occasions, they had kept many places close to their hearts, but they also were conscious of their guests desires and the possibility for almost all of them to use this as a starting point for their vacation time. Jauffrey had his final say, and they went ahead with a lovely Tuscan villa, one where they could have their ceremony, their wedding dinner and that could accommodate the couple, and their immediate families and best men. The group wearing bright reds and cobalt blues sat with eyes full of happy tears and Christophe and his man put wedding bands on each other's fingers. The party continued with lots of laughs and jokes during the cocktail, until it was dinner time, and the location for the reception was revealed. A very tasteful table display with off white, green and blue hydrangeas, Christophe's favorite bloom, for a natural chic flair with the many light wood details. A very lively event, full of joyous laughter and big smiles, a great way to celebrate unconditional love. 

The tip of the day

Many couples don't need a full service package. In fact, some bring their own celebrant, many come with the printed stationery in their bags, Christophe and Jauffrey flew their favorite French photographer - and close friend - Sarah Dusart to the venue. Of course, photo albums are all that we are left with - in practical matters - at the end of an event and it's only fair that the choice of a photographer be more selective if your standards are different. We have an army of highly skilled photo experts who work in the business for years, but what counts most is that you feel comfortable of your choices, 100%. If in doubt, ask for another quote or a different business.

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