Elodie and Louis

The energy of a wedding hosted in Puglia has no equal

Think old white-washed buildings and cobblestone alleyways. Think countryside dirt roads and deep blue seas at the horizon. Think rustic ambience and luxurious comforts. 

Elodie expressed her long lost desire to reach the beautiful Apulia, a very hot wedding destination in recent years, which still preserves its authentic flavour and unbeatable hospitality. This young couple brought an entire group of 200 guests (plus wedding coordinators) to tears with their heartfelt vows only to get each and everyone out on the dance floor. French people know well how to party.

It was a wedding worthy of every memoir and holy archive, and a real job well done when you get to the end and you hear can see tears of gratitude in people's eyes. 

At WeddingItaly we always look for a happy ending, here's a few insights into this gorgeous couple luxury day.

A localização

The vision

Elodie and Louis' notes

Our future bride and groom were very relaxed about planning their celebrations. No list of must-dos nore imperative requests. Our big job for this lovely Southern wedding was to focus on researching the right location, big enough to contain a group with 200 joyful French guests. Time management is essential, after the couple says 'I do' to us, before their official 'I dos'.

We all thought straight away: countryside, Puglia. Once we got to our our list of Masserias, under the section - big weddings.  With such a big lineup of people we certainly couldn't take the chance of unavailable venues from the shortlisted ones. Space is certainly not a problem when you book a Masseria but some estates are booked as early as 2 years in advance... not a minute to waste!

The five deal breakers for Elodie and Louis

  • Location: near the beach, a place not too crowded with mainstream tourists
  • Ceremony: Catholic wedding in a nearby church
  • Venue: elegant and big, offering onsite accommodation
  • Guests: a list of 200 people, mostly well traveled and independent
  • Side activities: centred around music, for the event

The action plan

How did we pull it off

Ostuni felt such a romantic choice! The advantage of getting married in a town translated into the peace you find, away from hordes of tourists - some of you may not realise, but Italy is one of the most visited countries worldwide, in every season. Some newlyweds are even luck and get surprised by the local community joining in as they exit the church, with clapping, smiling and loud blessings 'Viva gli Sposi'. Elodie and Louis got all the love from the people hanging out, or working around the Duomo, a wedding this size was surely not going to be missed by the neighbours.

Back at the Masseria after a wonderful time photoshooting in the golden light, live percussions, a show of Pizzica dance - with many guests who joined in - dancing to folk tunes, jugglers, ... the night entertainment we booked for this party was loud, fun and totally worth it. 

This was a great example of how big weddings are an experience beating the odds.