Emilie and Pierre

An intimate gathering in the world-cass grounds of Villa le Fontanelle

Another romantic event in the Tuscan summer for a bride who vows by provencal decor. We eventually presented them with WeddingItaly's iconic location for couples in search for the right mix of classic and boho-chic vibe. 

A cute grass corner to host the symbolic do, the view over Florence from their uphill position, seven gorgeous suites to accommodate the bridal party for a more intimate experience, and to better handle practical matters such as rehearsals and wedding day preparations.

Look into Emilie and Pierre's details below, and pick up some inspiration.

A localização

The vision

Emilie and Pierre's notes

The requests we received at the beginning of this planning were very straigh-forward and reasonable. We were preparing to put together a wedding for a relatively large group of about 80 guests, all arriving from France - some by car, some via Florence airport. The group didn't need to stick together the entire time, and we were told by the bride and groom that the majority of guests would happily book their own b&b and hotel accommodation in the city of Florence, and nearby agriturismos.

A discreet welcome dinner on the night before the wedding day would kick off the weekend on the grounds of the villa, and from 3pm the next day the ceremony would be officiated outdoors, as expected for a June wedding.

A bridal lineup of 6 bridesmaids amongst her dearest people, and very chic table arrangements, which matched tastefully with the bride's bouquet and the colour palette chosen for the bridal party. 

The five deal breakers for Emilie and Pierre

  • Location: Tuscany
  • Ceremony: Symbolic
  • Reception: white, provencal details
  • Guests: about 80
  • Entertainment: classical music and DJ

The action plan

How did we pull it off

The weather was definitely on our side, and laid the groundwork for a lovely photoshoot around the estate, in the afternoon warm light. We could escort the excited guests from moment to moment, witnessing tears of joy and many laughs, which we always take as a fantastic feedback for our work.

A delicious three-course meal designed together with the Chef proved yet again that contemporary Tuscan food never disappoints, and at the end of the dinner the after-party started with shoes off and dancing until the crack dawn for our friends. 

It was a great choice booking a big residence that comes with additional pool and multiple relaxing areas in the garden. Emilie and her new hubby could in fact recuperate the energy and sink in the memorable time they had.