Gino and Nick

An undisturbed location near Lucca providing all the fun and romance 

A wedding delayed by the pandemic, but no less majestic and impeccable thanks to the expertise of our super planner Helga. Our team took care of all the must-haves which Gino and Nick pointed out to us during the planning and their multiple site visits to meet the suppliers, and, as we usually do, we kept a very close eye on the day to ensure everything went according to plan. 

A wonderful week-long experience in the country just outside the beloved Tuscan city of Lucca, where our lovely couple finally saw their fabulous wedding dreams come to life. 

Here are a few romantic details for you to read about Gino and Nick's magical time.

Casamento planejado por

A localização

The vision

Gino and Nick's wedding notes

The plan we worked on included a whole week of stay at the villa, and its adjacent holiday apartments called L'Arancera. The delightful compound chosen by the couple - often a set for photo shoots and movies - offers a number of relaxing activities onsite that energise the guests with long walks around the gardens, and the big parkland of the property, or simply rest around the comfortable guesthouses. 

In order to make things easy we thought of renting buses that could chaffeur the group around without the stress of cars. This way, any planned activity from sightseeing to the wine tasking welcome event on the wedding eve can be made on time. 

We discussed with the catering chef to adjust the menu to the autumn vibe with a warm and typical Lucchese soup which we know will delight everyone's palates. That, matched with the wine experience presented by sommelier-collaborator Riccardo will wow the night, and set the right tone for a magical day ahead.

The five deal breakers for Gino and Nick

  • Location: anywhere in Tuscany
  • Ceremony: outdoor symbolic ceremony
  • Reception: indoors with a touch of glorious decadence
  • Guests: small wedding of 45
  • Side activities: fun and entertainment before the wedding to keep the guests happy

The action plan

How did we pull it off

An early start for us and the staff of the villa to get things together and do the last tests before the midday ceremony started, but we didn't encounter any last minute changes - other than a slightly colder weather than expected. Nothing that a couple of extra heaters in the rooms couldn't fix.

The setting screamed royal decadence all around. We loved the final look of the decorations put together by our genious floral designer - the darker tones blended gracefully with those of the trees and vegetation of the garden, changing to the autumn coating.

The reception held inside the Limonaia room was also another big hit, given the guests, and the couple's reaction. After a very exciting time outside with music and cocktails celebrating Nick and Gino's, the group was happy to take place inside in the warm, uber elegant room filled with candle lights. The three-course dinner designed for this day and realised with skillful artistry by the chefs was received with claps and compliments, and this made us feel very fulfilled, of course.

We are happy we followed the chef's suggestion to surprise the party and prepare the Millefoglie wedding cake in front of everyone for a touch of fun and typical Italianness. What a wonderful experience we shared!

Memories to hold on for years to come!