Jenna and Marc

'Nothing makes a person happier than having a happy heart' (Roy Bennett, author)

Jenna and Mark are an enthusiastic young couple from Paris. We met them the year before their wedding when we arranged their visit to some of our staple venues in Puglia. They were thinking a week-long party ending with the wedding day, and we couldn't be happier to help. The moment when couples share their wedding dreams with us creates a magical synergy that will be imprinted in our minds throughout the whole planning, and during the event itself. It's a special moment of great intimate value, where we listen attentively while they open their hearts to us. They had such beautiful energy, and confessed one by one all the activities that they had been dreaming would happen. Being both very active people, we understood that it was going to be a time filled with fun activities to share with their loved ones, with gaps for some cultural sightseeing and a large preference for outdoor time. We love a good challenge, so we started digging through our files for some unique examples.

Turning dreams into reality

We can’t tell you how lucky we felt to plan this amazing Italian experience. The Jewish ceremony brought elements of tradition into a modern frame of rituality, and was officiated at the venue where majority of the group was staying. Before that, a line up of welcome parties, close family gatherings with music and delicious local wine, and the incredible dancing act of the bride, on the night before the wedding, blew everyone's minds. The close-knit group was very open to the full program because they were super enthusiastic of being by the shores of the Mediterranean, with lots of natural spots to explore and rich recipes to taste. Working with people who have such admiration for your Country is always an incredibly privilege for us and is a constant reminder of the endless possibilities for events hosted in Stile Italiano.

The fix of the day

Feeling undecided and overwhelmed by the options is totally normal when the stakes are so high. Choosing a venue from a few pictures, a video or by reading reviews is simplistic. The reality is that we recommend our couples, whether possible, to fly here and see for themselves if the place is right. We are pros in arranging cost and time effective sight inspection weekends where you can meet us in person, visit multiple venues, and why not, even taste a wedding menu. Jenna and Marc, for example were 95% set on a different villa, until they saw it and discovered that the spaces designed to accommodate their parties left little room to re-decorate and integrate their intended setup. We leave no stone unturned.

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