KellyAnn and Russel

'I am fairly convinced that people plan destination weddings because they would actually like to elope but want to have given you the option to attend' (Emily V. Gordon, writer)

People with large families have usually two options for their weddings: venture through the drama of inviting some and not the entire group, or elope. Actually, there is a third and more viable idea, which is that of leaving to the guests the responsibility of a yes, or no - and clarifying who is paying what. Establishing safe and solid boundaries just like at the beginning of any relationship might save time and stress that, with the date approaching, are only going to get bigger and heavier. We were amazed by how these two young lovebirds from Galway, Ireland had skillfully managed their hundred-plus people families and got them all divided in smaller groups, identified their accommodation needs, and by filtering through their own preferences for their day, had shortlisted 3 regions with possible venues that could fit their wishes - unbelieavable! KellyAnn and Russel could teach us a thing, or two.

Turning dreams into reality

The winning location became Umbria. It's not everyday that we get to organize events in this less-known, super special place. The so-called green heart of Italy, a very unique land of genuine people and gracious hospitality. Umbrian people treat guests like their own family, and this is no doubt what Kelly and Russel were hoping for. They were quite shocked to find many similarities between their own cultural customs, and the Italian ones. We're pleased that the farmhouse near Spoleto embodied exactly all that they had been hoping. A welcoming property with the typical travertine look on a land with fruit gardens and dozens of raws of olive trees, where their ceremony could be officiated out in the nature.

The fix of the day

During the frantic last couple of weeks of the planning, we send out the wedding program to the couple and to all the vendors to ensure that everyone is informed on all the stages, and in case of (possible) mistakes, they can be spotted in time. According to our notes, 4 couples, friends of the bride and groom, were staying at a B&B nearby but no body who looked at the program noticed that the accommodation only had 3 double rooms... despite the initial chaos, we felt relieved that, if anything, this little accident happened in one of the best places, because within a matter of 30 minutes, the owners of the B&B in question, found another accommodation nearby, which was happy to welcome our miscounted guests. Hip hip, hooray for the "we'll find a way" mentality Italians are famous for.

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