Marina and Nicolas

A flawless event at the finest wine estate, Villa medicea di Liliano

Marina and Nick were one of our many marriages planned during the pandemic. What a year that was! We admit that it was difficult at the beginning to offer support and answers to our worried couples, since we knew so little of what the future looked like. However, our optimistic nature made us whole and we saw many happy ever-afters being celebrated even more, after the uncertain times. 

With all the luck in the world, the entire 84 people party showed up for the 4 Septembre 2021 fete at the very impressive Tuscan location, once home to the most powerful noble families in Renaissant Florence. 3 nights of exclusive stay at the Villa, with a fun-packed program of wedding entertainment.

Share some of those special memories with Marina and Nick by reading the sections below.

Casamento planejado por

A localização

The vision

Marina and Nicolas wedding notes

Priority was for both Marina and Nick to meet the whole gang somewhere nice in Florence, maybe one of those fancy locanda where people can taste a mix of traditional dishes, hand-made pastas and juicy meats alike, so all dietary preferences are validated, and good times are guaranteed.

With the ceremony programmed for the afternoon on Day 2, the morning would be solely dedicated to the preparations of the big bridal party, including 8 bridesmaids in their forest green long gowns, and an equal number of groomsmen to accompany the ladies. After reviewing the photos and video material about the property - as in fact, these lovebirds where calling their shots 'blindly' from the US - they opted for an afternoon ceremony on the uber suggestive terrace, the very envied wedding site showcasing Florence's best view of both city and country scenery. 

The had envisioned a little break time between the ritual and dinner, perhaps the perfect chance to enjoy the lovely garden for refreshments and chit chat, at sunset. The big wooden table would be waiting for them next door, entirely decorated in a charming contrast of rustic and white elegance, made even more romantic by the hundreds of globe string lights hanging over the reception area.

The five deal breakers for Marina and Nicolas

  • Location: in the country, Tuscany
  • Ceremony: 'Sweet child of mine' for bridal entrance song
  • Venue: exclusive use, U shaped seating
  • Guests: only 40 people sleeping onsite
  • Side activities: a fun last day together after the wedding

The action plan

How did we pull it off

Meeting the two of them was quite exciting for us, especially after a whole year of planning via emails and video calls. We simplified the activities on Day 1 by showing them around, going over the program and finally having a small rehearsal with the bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party, just so everyone knew where to stand and how to move around when the time came.

The musical choices Marina and Nick made after we presented them with a bunch of very affirmed performers turned out to be a sweet addition to their weekend. We are still singing the praises of the folk trio with guitar, mandolin and accordion which blessed their aperitif time with such an authentic vibe - much appreciated across the entire group. Another huge surprise for the guests was the Italian tenor serenading the evening with 'O sole mio, Nessun dorma, Funiculì, Funiculà and Con te partirò. It just doesn't get more Italian than this.

The second part of the night is usually reserved for indoor shenanigans. The crowd was moved inside for the cutting of the cake and the dance party. The ice cream cart and midnight pizza snack sure kept all the non-dancing guests very entertained!

We were particularly proud to see that Marina went with the Italian tradition of gifting the guests with a small bag of 5 Jordan almonds, placed on the dinner table. Everyone learnt that they exemplify the five wishes for the couple: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

Last, but not least by amount of fun was Day 3, and the brunch at the pool which we recommended. A more relaxed, informal time set up in a part of the property where people can let loose and party.