MaryAllison and Lee

'We're in the business of selling pleasure. We sell dreams' (Alain Wertheimer, Chanel Chairperson)

MaryAllison and Lee's wedding was big, loud and full of style. Working with this fun, spirited duo brought us energy and happy vibes. A castle wedding involves less planning work but requires a much bigger effort onsite during the event, and in truth, we have quite some experience in this corner of the market. 

MaryAllison was an only child, and growing up she could see how much her parents devoted their lives to make sure she got all that they didn't. Their main desire was for their families to have a unique experience, and the honeymoon trip around Europe that they never had.

Turning dreams into reality

We got our A team on the grounds nice and early, so before the guests started to arrive, we could sit down with the Castle's management and staff, and brief the event. The briefing is crucial because it's our chance to alert everyone on possible issues or hiccups, and 9 times out of 10 this gets things fixed faster. 

We had to work on a tight schedule and guide the group from and to the many areas - it took us a few attempts to move the guests especially after the ceremony to the reception tables. That's the thing about groups that are fun and over enthusiastic: you need strong parenting skills to get their attention and pause the game time. The lovey dovey couple thanked us repeatedly for being great at managing their hyper-active friends, and show no sweat.

The fix of the day

The gown was traveling with Mary A's mom because she had no space left in her luggage, but when she took it out of the case she could see the bottom hemline had been left undone by the tailors. We can still hear her loud laughs walking down the halls of the castle to get her final dress fitting. The good thing here was Mary A's very trusting spirit - she was the one consoling her distraught mother. Not the first time we have to reach a local tailor, and actually we were lucky to be hosting the event at Castle of Vincigliata for they have a very large phone book of useful contacts. Giovanni arrived in no time, and skillfully wrapped up the lace so our happy bride would not trip on her dress. 

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