Yaritza and Stephen

A glorious day at Castello di Tornano celebrating a golden life together

Some say that getting married in Italy is the ultimate dream for destination wedding dreamers. Add to that the option of a castle wedding, and you are in for a real sweet treat, Yaritza and Stephen can tell you all about it. 

Traveling all the way from the States, and bringing their big family and dearest friends with them, they could see their desires come to life in none other than the most romantic location in the country, known for its noble red wines and passionate stories of long lost love in the castles. 

Take a look at what went down with these two on the lead up to their Big day.

A localização

The vision

Yaritza and Stephen's wedding notes

Yaritza and Stephen shared with us their absolute excitement for the upcoming festivities. They striked us immediately as a fun, loving couple in search for a fun, romantic experience, so a castle wedding in the Tuscan countryside made perfect sense. They were searching for a place that could keep the group tight together, without any scattering of people accommodated in different facilities.

No list of scheduled activities to pump up their weekend; their event was going to be more free-flowing, especially considering the bubbly characters in the group who would certainly bring the party, to their party. They had very easily assigned the roles of officiants and MC to three close friends who made it through the shortlist for their great charisma. This gave us a good idea of who we could lean on, and consider as a reference onsite.

Also, no classic musical options with live performers. Both Yaritza and Stephen agreed on the idea of sticking to a DJ who could play their favorites, and as many impromptu requests on the day. 

The five deal breakers for Yaritza and Stephen

  • Location: a fairytale castle
  • Ceremony: symbolic in the afternoon
  • Reception: palette around gold
  • Guests: all staying onsite
  • Side activities: pizza party

The action plan

How did we pull it off

Frankly, most of the overall vibe came from this powerhouse of a couple. Their energy helped set the tone for the event just right, and we were left to coordinate the moments and join in the fun. 

With an intimate and classy-looking atmoshpere, a very bubbly and tight-knit bridal party, the shining combo of gold-wood and clear glass nicely decorating their reception area, everything was set up smoothly, without major incidents or last-minute inconvenience, except for changing the ceremony time from 3 to 5 o'clock. For those of you who have not yet experienced a Tuscan summer, know that the heat at times can take a toll on out-of-towners. Always better to push the celebrations to the late afternoon, so the summer breeze can bring some solace.

For us, one of the sweetest, most special moments of their wedding day was the time the DJ called all married couples to the dance floor and asked them to participate in the longest married dance. What a beautiful way to get the group together, and show appreciation!