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Catholic Weddings

The most beautiful Italian churches for romantic Catholic weddings in Italy.

A Catholic Italian wedding ceremony means to get married in the home of Catholicism. Moreover most of Italian weddings are held in churches so if you decide for a Catholic Wedding you will experience the real Italian tradition. Italy has some of the most beautiful churches in the world, featuring magnificent frescoes, paintings, stained glass, marble and bronze statues, intricate mosaics, and incredible architecture.  We will help you to select the best one according to your wedding reception and accommodation location.

Which are the required steps to arrange a catholic wedding in Italy?

Specific paperwork needs to be prepared before your Catholic Wedding in Italy and we will assist you step by step while you will be collecting them. We will send you all the necessary information and the complete list of things to do. The paperwork for your wedding in Italy have to be issued within 6 months of the proposed wedding date, but not before otherwise they will expire. Religious paperwork need to arrive at the Italian Curia at least 2 months prior the wedding.

Can catholic weddings be legally valid in your home country?

It is possible to have a Catholic Wedding with legal validity, you will just need to prepare the documents for the legal side and we’ll guide you on this process too. If one of the couple is not Catholic that is not a problem. It is possible to have a mixed religion if approved by your Parish Bishop.

In what language will the ceremony be performed?

Catholic Wedding Ceremonies can be performed by priests speaking English, Italian (with interpreter), German, French or any other language. We have an extensive experience and have contacts with multi-lingual speaking priests.

Is it possible to have music during a catholic wedding ceremony in Italy?

Sacred or Classic music is allowed in a Catholic Wedding in Italy. We can help you selecting the best musicians for your special Wedding in Italy: from a single musician to a duo, trio, quartet, soprano, tenor or a lovely choir. We can share with you many different ideas and guide you through the infinite possibilities.

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