Wedding venues in the Italian Riviera


The best selection of venues to get married is around the Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre, and Portofino coast.

Sapphire-blue sea, emerald-green gardens: live the most “precious” moments of your life with a luxury wedding venue in the Cinque Terre and Portofino. Looking for an elegant, luxurious yet genuine Italian wedding venue? You can finally stop searching, for you have found the romantic Italian Riviera! Surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the infinite sea and by the charming atmosphere of the peaceful nature of Liguria you will have the chance to live unforgettable romantic moments with the big love of your life: we look forward to helping you create the most romantic, life-long memories of your love in a marvelous wedding villa on the Italian Riviera! We only offer our brides and grooms the most exclusive and charming wedding venues ever. We are committed to finding and proposing to our couples only the most beautiful and exclusive wedding venues to ensure the planning of a matchless, fairytale event: feel free to contact us for further information on your romantic wedding in Italy!


Wedding Villas in the Italian Riviera

Discover the fascination of the Italian Riviera: romantic atmosphere, elegant wedding locations and breathtaking landscapes… For a big day to remember! If an idyllic setting and a romantic atmosphere are what you are looking for, a charming wedding villa on the Italian Riviera will suit you just perfectly! Over the years we have gathered solid experience as wedding planners in the Cinque Terre and will therefore be very happy to assist you with the organization of your big day in all details! An event to remember in a matchless setting: trendy yet typical ItalianPicture to yourself the unparalleled beauty of this marvellous region: imposing cliffs standing out from the turquoise-blue sea against the sky… elegant buildings and a matchless atmosphere… Cinque Terre: a fabulous area where nature and sea blend together with the architectural beauty of the splendid cities and towns of the romantic Italian Riviera…Celebrate your marriage in a wedding villa on the Italian Riviera and live your dreams! Elegance, beauty, history, sea views… all this “spiced” with delicious food and delectable wines… What more could you ask for your romantic wedding in Italy?


Wedding Castles in the Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera has a very limited number of castles due to the stretched land along the sea. The two main castles for weddings are the charming and romantic Castello San Giorgio in Portofino for high-end luxurious weddings in Portofino, and the small gem of Castello near San Remo with lovely views.

While the first venue is an absolute jewel ideal for exclusive weddings, the second is a charming option for other celebrations on the day before or after your big date.

Towns and Villages

Towns along the Italian Riviera