Enthusiasm and experience at the heart of your wedding


We fit very organically with each other, in and outside the office

Twenty-plus years in, and it's all smooth sailing.
We love to co-create the event with our clients.
Respect and complete focus are our mantras.
The couples we helped said they could relax knowing we were in control.
At the start of every event, we are thrilled to venture into a new dimension with our brides and grooms.


We vow to make you happy. And we do it in the truest Stile Italiano. That's our utmost purpose. Each planner will add their own personal touch to create with you the most memorable day. 

As if it were our wedding. Our vision is to help you plan your wedding by looking together at every little detail. After all, we have been doing it for 20-plus years. We are mindful of your needs and ready to respond to any contingency.

We are a couple, too, so we literally are in your shoes. We believe in love and the power of union that marriage stands for. We will walk by your side and support you with a sensible attitude and a big smile on our faces. We are in love and this helps to create a strong bond with you, too.


Your wedding planners in Italy since 1999

We have been doing this for a very long time. Our mission is to co-create the perfect wedding in a true Stile Italiano with all the international couples who are looking for the most authentic experience in Italy.

We ourselves love to travel and learn about a culture by meeting people around the world. We all lived abroad for longer or shorter periods of time which was a big lesson on how to welcome you right in our beautiful country. 

How we work

Everything runs smoothly

All weddings deserve our best. We line up our A-team ready to dress up this castle or decorate that country villa. We always put our best selves forward.

We won't leave your side and we will be listening to your needs before offering alternatives.

We are flexible, enthusiastic and reliable wedding planners, and we will take care of your dreams from A to Z. With us, it will be smooth-sailing.

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