Aurora Petris


A bit about Aurora

Born a globetrotter, Aurora spent her childhood and adolescence in her natal town of Udine. The desire to see the world took her early on wonderful adventures across all corners of Europe, from Austria to Finland, from Albania to the UK. After studying hard during a three-year university degree she graduated in Communication and Cultural Studies in South Tyrol and then moved across the border to Austria. Her craving for culture was behind her second degree, where she specialised in event management.

In the last months of 2019 Auro met the team at WeddingItaly and instantly felt a connection. Her experience in the tourism and events industry got her some excellent feedback for her planning skills, which she mastered as a junior team member at university events. During those years, she was actively taking care of social functions intended for tourists arriving in Italy, so she learnt a lot on the ground.

English and German are her best linguistic assets, but teach her a few words in a new language and she'll pick it up right away. Welcome to Aurora, our newest and most promising addition to the WeddingItaly family.


How I choose what makes my soul shine

My personal drive for big events and weddings has been there since day 1. I remember being a little girl and setting up fun small shows for my family, I really felt in my element. Over the years, I focused on learning about everything that goes into an event, and I would be captured by the way that time and details either make or break this job.

I have a dear memory from a function that I organised a few years ago when I started talking to a Canadian woman, a guest at the party and told her that I was very undecided about my future. I didn't know which path to follow, and that was all very scary to me. She comforted me smiling, and said that she saw me working and I had nothing to fear. I was shining! She added that her intuition never wronged her in the past; her support made me feel appreciated and confident in my skin.

I grew up to be strong in the person that I am, so in any moment of difficulty or every time that I need to make a decision, I ask myself "What would Aurora do?" and I get a clearer vision, almost instantly.

Since I joined WeddingItaly I wake up full of energy in the morning because I know that I am working with honest people who are great professionals, and I am extremely grateful for that.

Auro's talents

  • Amazing listener
  • Thoughtful
  • Time management
  • Crafty
  • Analytical skills

My passions

I love everything that makes me feel connected to life. If I had to choose, I'd say singing and dancing at the same time!

In truth, I also spend my days cooking up dishes for the people that I love - you should totally try my vegetarian lasagna. Or taking time in nature to practising sports.

I'm a pretty crafty person so you might see me busy with some creative project, often with resin, or meditating while doing cross-stitch. On days when I am inspired, I enjoy writing and reading poems, which I often turn into songs. I love singing and dancing, I really feel myself in the moment.

Are you wondering where to find the time to do all this? I guess I'm good at organising my personal time and prioritising things in my to-do list. Regardless, I'm happy when I can dedicate quality time to myself.

La Dea Fortuna
Ferzan Özpetek
The Killers
Music genre
Indie, Pop
Women Who Run With the Wolves
Clarissa Pinkola Estés
Anything with basil + Moscow mule


Abroad experiences

Lovely people are all around us!

At the age of 11, I went on the first of my four study trips to the UK. Since then, I noticed that I am surrounded by special people from all places.

It's like everywhere I traveled or spent a little time studying or working - places like Switzerland, Germany, Albania - I have collected new 'families'. It is such a beautiful concept to me, that I can tap into people's cultures and ways of living, and get closer to them when I live in their country. It's my ideal way to travel, because I get to be my real self.  

What I love about Italy

  • The yummy cuisine and delicious wines
  • Chilled lifestyle
  • Beauty everywhere
  • Things are simpler here
  • Italian music, possibly live!!
  • The natural landscapes
What can happen at work

"My trousers just broke!"

This is an incident I remember very well! My colleague's trousers came undone and we had no way of going back to the hotel. Panic took over! 

A couple of minutes later I realised I was carrying a portable sewing kit in my bag - I always come prepared. We hid in the lady's room and I could quickly fix her pants, but not her embarrassment. I'm glad I was of help, and everything went on smoothly afterwards. At least we have something to laugh about every time we see each other.

Inconveniences are a part of life but with some creative thinking and the good-old kindness, we can fix everything.  

they say about her

Federica and Aurora have been a true joy to work with. From day 1 of picking a venue together and making a plan for our whole wedding weekend, they have been committed to making it the best weekend of our lives. 

They were always reachable, both of them giving their full attention to us when a 2-person support was needed. They have great ideas, challenge you if needed and are well connected in the region and beyond to find the best suited vendors. Having them by our side on the days of our wedding gave us peace of mind, knowing they are there and in full control of the situation! Their support surrounding the civic ceremony preparation was key to navigating the Italian processes and to make it work for us to get married in Italy. Everything went smoothly and our guests as well as us had the time of their lives the whole weekend! We can highly recommend their services to everyone! 

Thank you Federica & Aurora!!

Amelie & Lorenz