Italian wedding Castles

Authentic wedding castles in Italy

Fairytale Italian weddings in castles of authentic charme

Few things can be a fairy tale than getting married in an actual castle. Italian wedding castles are the perfect choice for weddings in Italy, especially if you love our country's rich, exciting history. A wedding in an Italian castle could be a splendid, unique event which will be remembered as the day when you were a king and a queen! Just let us know you're interested and we'll suggest the perfect one among the wedding venues in Italy. 

We, at Wedding Italy, will help you plan every detail of your Italian wedding in the most beautiful and authentic castles throughout Italy. It is true, that we love these settings and think of some different arrangements every time. You can check our blog and our real weddings section the many weddings featured and planned in Italian wedding castles.

Our selection of Italian castles has been carefully made, tailoring only to venues that are most suitable for real and special Italian experiences. We have a long familiarity with planning special Italian castle weddings in each of the following venues, either with a small or large number of guests; you can also enjoy many featured weddings to experience a real wedding in a castle as it happened.

Getting married in a castle in Italy has no limitations and most of the venues have no particular restrictions. In terms of informative use to help you plan your wedding, we inform you of those cases that require a particular and attentive planning process due to their premises being open to the public as a "museum" or similar. There are several days a year that castles are open for tourists the government asks the property to open the venues in exchange for public contributions.

Essentially, a wedding in an Italian castle, unless for specific rules, would flow in any way you want. We can advise and carefully watch the flow of the event for you to enjoy the most of the venue. Castle weddings are quite beautiful when we can use all the areas of the fortress in a way that you and your guests can truly live a complete experience.

Rental costs are usually quite elevated unless some particular venue in the less known areas promotes a lower price,  you should expect a high-end price for the use of the premises for one day or more. Some castles have several rooms, and rental costs might include one or more nights at the venue. We will provide all the required information to guarantee a safe and confident booking, and we will handle all booking procedures on your behalf.

Please contact us for more information about your wedding ideas and special requests; we will email you a chosen selection of Italian wedding castles that match your desires with a link to the complete description and photo gallery. Plan with us your weddings in Italy!