Italian Castle Ideal for Boutique Events

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Charming chateau on the Friulian hills

A romantic boutique castle nestled in the romantic hillside district of the white wine producer, Friuli Venezia Giulia. The castle is within easy reach the city of Udine, about 15 minute away by car and is comprised of seven beautiful rooms and many common spaces, great for guests looking for a peaceful venue.

This castle is a timeless gem and reflects the unique beauty of this remote, undiscovered area in Italy. For the couples eager to have a very intimate wedding, off the grid, with great value and quality services.


Event options for your day

The lovely gardens and the internal courtyard are both beloved areas where our couples have tied the knot with an outdoor ceremony, followed by a chic, al fresco reception.

The many lounges and salons inside the castle fashion precious stuccoes and refined fabrics chosen in pastel colours.

The parkland extendind around the castle is a lovely green oasis that descends from the hill along an avenue of hornbeams to an underlying area populated with oaks, yews, maritime pines, green meadows and bushes of maples, acacias, exotic medlars and magnolias. On the hill, large cypresses and centuries-old trees, including a monumental mulberry of rare beauty.

Make use of the little chapel onsite for officiating your Catholic rite, or reach the nearby towns of Buttrio or Udine for your civil ceremony.


  • 8 bedrooms sleeping up to 21 people
  • up to 140 guests
  • 80 mins from Venice airport
  • own winery
  • restaurant onsite
  • fitness centre

History in the vines

On these sweet hills, vines have always been a staple presence for the community. To this day, farmers and local producers put an incredible energy to understand seasonal changes and find better ways to enrich the flavours of grapes. Bettering the growing conditions is a necessity in order to protect the many indigenous varieties of plants that are present in the area, considered that they're the land's main heritage. Climate change of recent years has challenged the production and viticulture has responded with an even more meticolous commitment and attentive approach.

We have tradition to thank for the way these wines taste today. The management of historic vineyards on a small scale is in fact at the core of clear, elegant wines with a very defined character. The use of special equipment and natural products, mechanical weeding, dedicated pruning, aering of the soil by hand, while the harvest takes place with careful selection of the grapes placed in boxes are only some of the techniques used to this day ensuring the quality of the cellars.  

Good to know:

  • 13 km > Cividale
  • 15 km > Udine
  • 16 km > Cormons
  • 17 km > Palmanova
  • 28 km > Gorizia
  • 52 km > Grado
  • 78 km > Trieste
  • 136 km > Lubjana
  • 132 km > Venice
  • 1388 km > Milan
Recreational activities

A menu fit for all tastes

Friuli is to most an unexpected, exciting surprise. A place where so much can be discovered, and will leave everyone departing with a big smile on their faces. There is an inspiring variety of things available to the public. Mountain lakes are excruciatingly blue (all kinds of blues) and give access to very special natural reserves. And if you are searching for something truly unique, just know that inside the national park Parco Naturale Delle Dolomiti Friulane you will be able to see (and touch) in person some dinosaur footprints by the alpine hut of Casavento. 

Following downhill the big town of Venzone, an ancient city completely destroyed by the 1976 earthquake and rebuilt exactly as it was in the Middle Ages to become a national monument today, and one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. For those of you loving a little spooky adventure, right in the centre of town you can see real mummies, bodies which were discovered in the 17th century during some excavations and ever since preserved inside a church. 

Driving southwards towards the planes, you will encounter the special star-shaped town of Palmanova, yet another UNESCO heritage site that you won't want to miss, also included in the list of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

Keep busy with:

  • visiting the Miramare Castle in Trieste
  • a walk in the steps of the Romans in Aquileia
  • a wine tasting along Strada del Vino
  • trying out ham in San Daniele
  • the hiking trails of the Dolomites
  • Grotta Gigante, the biggest cave in the world
  • paragliding over Aviano
  • a day in Nevelandia on the snow (winter time)