The last and most luscious serve of your wedding reception

The cutting of the cake

A sweet guide to your wedding cake moment

You don't need a sweet tooth to be able to appreciate the final moment of a wedding day. The cutting of the cake is more than just dessert time! After a long - sometimes very long - luncheon or reception dinner where serves of sexy and equally delicious food are presented to the eager guests, comes the last, and sweetest stage of your enjoyment galore. And according to the Italian etiquette, this shall be laid out with extra attention, and a special setup. 

Guests gather around the newlyweds, while the staff preps the last things in a flash. Everyone is now frantically looking around to not miss the first shot of the cake being ushered in. If the setup includes the cake from the get-go, you'll see flashes going off right left and centre, and hear the whispers of your lovely aunties on how beautiful it all looks.

This is without a doubt the much anticipated moment of your W day, where once again the glasses are raised in celebration of the couple's bright future, and the after party with dances can be officially kicked off. 

Be prepared to wow your guests with yet another wonderful scene of romance and celebration. Be ready to meet with our partner chefs creating wonders with the whipping of some cream and the pastry genius of real made in Italy excellence.

Wedding cake moment - then

The tradition

In Italy wedding cakes have always stood for happiness and prosperity for the newlyweds and their future life together, but customs have changed over time regarding what and how guests are served. 

In ancient Rome, for example the wedding cake moment was nothing more than breaking a piece of bread by hand on the bride’s head as a symbol of good luck. Luckily, later in time this quite archaic example would be replaced by the known use of white frosting over a cake, in a way to honor the pureness and virtue of the bride.

The classic tiered white wedding cake is a must for many cultural rituals, but the modern wedding cake as we know it made its first appearance to the world only at the British Royal wedding of Prince Leopold of Albany in 1882. The cake made by Her Majesty's household confectioner was a staggering six foot high (about 182cm) and each layer was stacked upon the other and separated by a dense icing for support. The tiered model which was innovative at the time, quickly caught on and is still one of the most requested these days. 

Wedding cake moment - now

Shop flavours, shapes and trendiest variants

A spot-on wedding cake is one that talks about you as a couple, and is in line with the vision and theme design of your day. Colour palette, decorations and floral embellishments, the serving etiquette - all these details should be like connecting dots of a hidden picture. There are dozens of decoration options, shapes and styles, colours and fillings to choose from, but don't be discouraged. 

We're here to help you finding the one.

Eyeing traditional flavour combinations like lemon-cream-chocolate-strawberry-pistachio-or almonds, or feeling the attraction towards more exotic pairings like red orange-mango, chocolate-moka, hazelnut-moka, melon-raspberry?

Personalize the classic wedding cake with icing and edible decoration of your liking, or try something totally new - a hand painted cake to indulge your guests with a work of art, a trendy Vera Wang ruffle style, or an unfrosty naked cake to complement your shabby chic event.

How about a wedding cake cupcake? Light and silky, they don't require time to portion and the famous wedding shot holding the knife can be staged with a miniature marzipan version on the side.

You may add a real Italian touch to your wedding set by bringing bring back from the golden days the classic millefoglie or a profiterole tower cake. Or rather free up your imagination and let one of our Italian master pastry chefs transform your wild cake ideas into a fluffy dream for your senses.

Tiered cake

Stick to what you know

For countless moons, the pillar of wedding receptions has been the classic fruit tiered cake, a marzipan and icing sculpture made of three or more elegantly decorated layers, placed one on top of each other. 

Lately we have even seen the old trend of using plastic or steel dowels come back, a much safer support system and a great way to create a more airy, proportionate look of the ensemble.

Be mindful that the flavours can  drastically vary from culture to culture. As far back as we can count, US weddings have always been big vanilla fans, chocolate is the crowd pleaser for Brits, raspberry for Swedes and nuts-liquor works best for Germans. 

Nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, especially if it's your 'own' tradition - your guests will love it, even the picky ones, and the choreo effect will still be one for the books.


Dessert table

Should I have a dessert table?

Many people ask us what use dessert tables and sweet buffets have when we know that the wedding cake has just been served.

Primarily, the Viennese hour is a show of artistry. Pastry making is an art in itself and it can bring to the table a huge variety of local vs international deliciousness. It's a way to treat your guests as the party continues into the evening, and guess what: it's loved by both kids and grownups! 

No matter the design and creative concept, the key thing is that it should never eclipse the wedding cake - the hero of your reception. Everything should follow in the same inspirational mood, and be just another dot on the fil rouge of your memorable day.

In recent years chefs' creativity has literally boomed and we have partnered up with master pastry chefs who boast about their own distinctive style and vision. We went from seeing beignets, creme brulèe, panna cotta and crème caramel on display, to way more adventurous and experimental combinations in the shape of mini desserts, taking guests on an actual sensory journey. 

Which type of dessert couple are you? Fancy ordering sweets made with spices, curry, chilly pepper or are you less of a risk taker and want to go berries and custard?

  • Dessert tables are a great idea if you’re looking to offer your guests a variety of sweet things, custom designed to coordinate with your color palette and theme.
  • A crafty dessert table is much more than just setting the dessert out on a platter. It's a great way to showcase artistry and care for details, always in line with the theme of your wedding.

Special effects

Embellish the moment 

Indoor fireworks, cake fountains, hot air balloons, firecrackers, circus performers, take your pick! The cutting of the cake is a lot more than what the words suggest, it's a whole act, the finale of the celebratory moments where guests once more wish well on the couple and the future endeavours they will share.

This ceremony deserves a special ritual, and a seemingly unique choreography to introduce the moment the cake arrives. 

Take a look at what other couples did in our Stories section and share your thoughts with us.

Our team extraordinaire can really do magic.