Weddings in Sicily

Weddings in Sicily

The passion of an ethereal beauty

Many consider Sicily as the most venerated island in the Mediterranean. This paradise of palm trees and lemons boasts plentiful vegetation and a super rich aquatic life.

Deliciously pungent orange and lemon groves smells scent the air and imposing Norman-style castles landmark this island at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is Italy's best-kept secret: sunny, warm, and incredibly full of decandent charm.

Reasons why

5 reasons to have your wedding in Sicily

From its strategic location, Sicily was able to keep its character of land of legends and mouthwatering cuisine throughout the centuries.

What you find here will truly leave you dreaming. A contrasting landscape where one can choose between high mountains scenery or seaside view in a day. The mystical presence of Mount Etna, a volcano periodically enchanting the skyline of the island with sparks of orange and red flames. Getting married in Sicily is about understanding its past and loving its identity.

If you are still undecided, here are 5 reasons to have you think about a wedding in the island of Sicily.


Hunting for treasures at sea

The shoreline area of Sicily includes more than 1000 km of coast lapped by beautiful and clean waters. Ideal to slow down and bask in the sun or simply enjoy romantic views of the sea, the beaches of Sicily are also a preferred destination for water sporting, from surfing and kitesurfing to diving and enjoying the underwater scenery of stunning lava stone cliffs.

Sicily is home to thousands of beach weddings and romantic elopements.


Poetry in Taormina

The picturesque atmosphere of the north-eastern Sicilian town is packed with traces of its Greek and Roman past.

The old and the new coexist wonderfully together in this frame of yellow sunshine. Greek and Roman sights nextdoor to happening restaurants and classy shops. Just on top of the hill above Taormina is the cute village Castelmola with its honey-hued alleys and panoramic piazza, another cute spot to pinpoint on your map. We have hosted a number of legally valid and religious ceremonies, all terribly romantic.


Hop on the small islands 

Set on the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the western coast of Sicily, the Aegadian Islands look like precious gems shimmering on the beautiful sea. Particularly beloved is the island of Favignana, the most lively and active of the Aegadian Islands and a perfect destination for your chic wedding.

Further North, between the Sicilian northeastern coast and Italy's mainland, you can find the Aeolian Islands. These stunning volcanic islands are characterized by an impressive natural setting and mystical atmosphere. Worthy of note is the island of Stromboli with its volcanic black sand beaches, linked to striking hiking paths. Make sure you stop in Panarea if you are a big fan of all things posh.


The striking power of Mount Etna 

Dominating the skyline and culture of Sicily, Mount Etna's impressing silhouette is a setting of wild beauty and huge mythological value. Famous for the superb hiking trails available with scenic views of the valley around the volcano, you can also partake in the many wine events and tastings organised in the local wineries.

The mineral-rich volcanic soil of the surroundings of Mount Etna is in fact ideal for viticulture and makes for very distinctive mineral wines.


Crowded with archeological sites

The beauty of Sicily lies in its eclectic character. This is a marvelous land where you can appreciate impressive historical footprints from all ages and get lost in the wilderness, all in one day. Sicily has some of the largest and best-preserved archeological sites in the world, where you can still wonder at the legacy of Ancient Greek culture.

Such is the case of the Greek amphitheatre of Taormina or the breath-taking UNESCO listed Valley of the Temples.


Foodie Guide

Boasting an enviable gastronomic scene, Sicily is a mandatory stop for lovers of good food. The island's endless hours of sunshine and volcanic soil let the local produce thrive beyond expectations, leaving the  cuisine with an immense variety of delicious, fresh ingredients. Because of its central position at the heart of the Mediterranean and its long-lived history, Sicilian cuisine features a very unique gastronomic blend out of various cultures. Specialties show inspiration taken from the hands of Greeks, Arabs, Normans, and later integrated with the North African and Spanish cooking flair.

Aubergine, capers, fennel and herbs are very popular as are almonds, chickpeas and lentils. Rice is served less often than in the past with the exception of the much known deep fried arancini rice balls, a pillar of Sicilian street food.

Good food in Sicily is a serious matter, so your wedding reception will be in very safe hands. Take the fish starters, or the hand-made pasta mains, rest easy knowing that the focus will be almost exclusively on local produce that is always bursting with great flavour. 

Desserts are also a real highlight of the tradition of sunny Sicilia, and that's when your speeches can start with your guests' bellies full and happy after binging on cannoli, marzipan, and cassata.

Don't miss

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Sicily in a glass

With such a wonderfully sunny climate, Sicily had to be the right place for growing olives, citrus, and vines. The latter, being a mainstay of the regional economy. Even Homer spared some good words on the Sicilian wine in the Odyssey, calling it 'the stuff of legends'.

Local wine production is highly distinctive. Particularly renowned is the DOC wine-growing terroirs around mount Etna, whose nutrient-rich volcanic soil comes through mineral undertones in the white grapes. Generating impressive crisp, bright whites ideal for spring and summer drinks, and the bold, elegant Nerello red wine varieties, Sicily is a target for wine connoisseurs.

On the southern coastal areas of the island is where you'll find the vineyards of the most important and planted Sicilian grape, the Nero d'Avola. Translating into 'Black d'Avola' due to its dark colour, this pillar of local production makes for a solid and fruity red wine of the highest quality. And further South, the windy little island of Pantelleria boasts the excellent sweet passito variety, the Zibibbo, aka Muskat of Alexandria, a wine that is 5000 years old. With such an aromatic nature, this immortal grape is very dessert friendly and will match perfectly with the almond cookies, biscotti, and honey soaked baklava served at the wedding table.

RECOMMENDED WINES: Marsala, Moscato di Siracusa, Contea di Sclafani, Mamertino, Pantelleria, Vittoria, Anthìlia, Gibelè, Lumera, Ramione, Zibibbo, Nero d'Avola


History Lesson

We know that it's easy to overdose on fine art in this country, so for a visit to Sicily we always recommend to dose well your time between outdoor activities and hunting for treasures of the Sicilian aesthetic. Make a day trip to the The Valley of the Temples at Agrigento or arrange your wedding photoshoot there for a tribute to their golden past. Walking through the temples will feel surreal. 

As a crossroads in the Mediterranean, Sicily flourished as a multiethnic centre, especially after the arrival of the Norman Kings. They took art and architecture in a new direction, and mixed together visual cultures from the Byzantine, Islamic, and Romanesque heritage. The incredible Palazzo Reale (also known as the Palazzo Normanni), and its prized chapel, the Cappella Palatina, are two wonderful examples you won't want to miss. As well as the cathedrals in nearby Cefalù and Monreale.

To this day Sicily has a vibrant art scene with many contemporary artists and galleries around the island and is also an excellent source of folk art. Tasteful wedding favours inspired by the decorative majolica ceramics of Caltagirone and Santo Stefano di Camastra to the ancient crafts of Sicilian Marionettes and decorative Sicilian Carts, Carri Siciliani will get you extra points with your loved ones.

Artists who lived in Sicily

  • Al Pacino, American actor
  • Domenico Dolce, Dolce and Gabbana
  • Luigi Pirandello, Italian novelist
  • Frank Sinatra, American singer
  • Giorgio de Chirico, artist
VIP weddings

Celebs who got hitched in Sicily

Sicily has been home to wonderful events boasting great multi-cultural food and a decadent atmosphere that only this Mediterranean island is able to create. For these, and many other reasons, this region has been targeted as a much desired VIP wedding destination. 

One of the trendiest celebrity events celebrated away from paparazzi cameras was the wedding of Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni and the famous rapper Fedez. The wedding weekend took place in a secluded 19th century palazzo in the city of Noto and was filled with an array of romantic moments and performances, along with fun activities for the guests. The festivities definitely kicked off a new trend for celebrities to wed under the scorching sun here on this happy island.

Wedding curiosities

The Wedding Cake. There is an old tradition that isn't practised today: breaking the cake over the bride's head; its origin dates back to the Roman empire. The groom would eat part of a loaf of barley bread baked for the occasion and break the rest over the head of the bride. This symbolized the dominance of the groom over the bride. The guests would grab for the crumbs that fell to the ground as catalysts for fertility.

Fashion and Style

Sicily's got talent

Nothing speaks more of Stile Italiano then a fashion campaign of Dolce and Gabbana, don't you agree? Shots of the blue sea with the extra sensual models wearing skimpy bathing suits with their very Mediterranean dark hair and sun-kissed skin. A marketing plan to promote their new line of sunglasses using the best assets Italians are so loved for around the world, their good looks and elegant flair. 

Well, Sicily is a real beacon for the fashion world, according to its devoted son Domenico Dolce. A constant source of inspiration for the creativity of D&G designers, the tradition, scenery, and colors of Sicily are always somehow present in their couture creations, or up on the city billboards. Their ability of exploring the cultural features of their homeland, only to transpose them into a design aesthetic that people grew to love and follow internationally is a true testament to their incredible talent and uniqueness. 

Celebrities who got a house in Sicily

  • Dolce and Gabbana
  • Mick Hucknall
  • Claudio Baglioni

What we do

How we make it work

If you are thinking about getting married in Sicily, you'll be spoilt for choice. Here's a plentiful of luxurious locations against a natural scenery of dry, Mediterranean beauty, warm atmosphere and delicious food. This special island has been on people's hit list of destination weddings for quite some time now.

The choice of the right venue is an important moment in the lead-up to the big day. For a place to truly resonate with your vision, ensuring impeccable service and logistics is crucial.

With our help, you will receive expert local advice and the whole planning experience will feel productive and enjoyable at the same time. Just know that we have your back with all that you need and wish for.

We have planned many wonderful weddings in Sicily, working with staple venues and vendors of the island. Our mission is to make sure you and your loved ones will have the time of your life.

We will be with you at step of the way, overseeing every detail until the final day.