Weddings in Acicastello

Sea, mythology, and romanticism: a lifestyle wedding experience in Sicily

The marvelous little city of Acicastello will allow you to enjoy a very genuine, typically Sicilian atmosphere. It is one of those traditional villages grown around the Norman castle and the small fishing port. The castle dominates the bay, and from top of this impressive rock, you can admire an unforgettable view of the Sea. Outdoor civil weddings are possible on top of the castle.

The castle itself and the small church nearby are the main reasons we like Acicastello for a wedding in Sicily as this Italian town has everything you could ever dream for a romantic and out of track wedding in Acicastello: intimacy, unrealistic scenarios, traditional Italian and Sicilian flavors, typical atmosphere of a busy port. The sea is lovely and ideal for a nice bath especially around the famous Riviera dei Ciclopi, the tall and impressive rocks in the sea. 

The moving myth of Acis and Galatea

According to legend, once upon a time, there lived a shepherd named Acis that loved and was loved back by a beautiful sea-nymph named Galatea. Unfortunately, the monstrous Cyclops Polyphemus also fancied the lovely nymph and, one sad day, insanely and violently jealous of the loving couple, he crashed his rival with a boulder. Nonetheless, love triumphs over all and the Cyclops’ destructive passion came to nothing: the powerful sea-nymph Galatea used, in fact, her powers to change Acis into a river spirit as immortal as herself.

A moving story where love triumphs over evil… a perfect background for a wedding!