Imprint the memories of a lifetime

Photos and videos

3, 2, 1, ... smile

Almost as important as the happening of the event itself, quality wedding photographs help your memories last a lifetime. 

Long after the ceremony is over, first with your friends and colleagues at home, then as you celebrate your anniversaries, you will be able to relive those moments, feeling the excitement all over again. The waiting, the exhaustion, the quarrels with your sweetheart, perhaps the cold feet... the joy and the ecstasy arriving at the location, seeing the venue ready for the big day, the feeling of pure love when you heard the pronouncement 'you may kiss the bride'.

A wedding event is made of infinite moments and each of these frames are flooded with emotions. This is perhaps why weddings see most of us so invested. It's a common topic of conversation and a question you'll always be asked at least once in your life. 

Rethorics aside, weddings stick in our memory forever. And photos and videos help us bring up details and anecdotes that with time, might slip away.

We know just how important it is to have the right person behind the lens, someone who understands the way you want your day to be seen, and remembered. Just like with all the other partners we work with, we only choose people who are active listeners. Who can mould their creative talent and direct it towards a meaningful end result, for you. This way, be reassured that the moment you download our photo folder will be a moment of infinite pleasure.

Write down the key parts that you want your wedding media to highlight. Take time to research about the topic, browse through other wedding photos you like, and dislike. It's important when you meet your photographer that you have clear ideas, and even better examples. 

Don't be afraid to ask. We have helped hundreds of couples in our work life and have seen pretty much every possible version of a wedding shoot. Our photographers are well practiced and very pleasant people to work with, they know all the tricks to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and the feedback received on them has always been outstanding. 

Artistic direction

Avoid later regrets

Since photographs are a vital and lasting wedding keepsake, you want them handled well. With such an important occasion as your wedding day, you cannot afford mistakes or mishaps. Poorly taken wedding photographs are not just a disappointment, they can ruin your chances of revisiting the many beautiful details of your special event, long after your memory has begun to fade.

Remember, after the wedding day is over what you are left with are your spouse, the ring, and your photos - take your time to make the right choice!


The right person for the job

How do you choose the photographer that is meant for you? 

We think that couples and professionals need to agree on the visual direction to follow during the shooting. In other words, how will the professional shape the aesthetics should get you the result you have asked for (what you want to be on the photos). 

9 couples out of 10 have no idea how to choose, or which one is their main vision, direction. That's why we always encourage to research extensively, ask questions - to us, or other photo experts - and check credentials. See what kind of work they specialise in. Check to see how they handle both indoor and outdoor situations. Can they do fine portraiture as well as natural style? Remember that the photographer’s creativity and your affinity to them is what will make your wedding images stand out from the norm.



Love like in the movies

Photos are great about speaking out moments, but videos are simply the perfect way to relive your big day to the fullest. Not every couple chooses to have a videographer at the event, but we ask you to ponder before excluding options

In the feedbacks we received from the spouses booking a video maker for their wedding, we often read about how they felt fortunate for having requested this service.

Share with us any doubts you still have, and we might be able to have just the right answer.


Selfie stations and photo booths

Make it fun

The latest trends of the industry focus on offering guests the chance to participate more actively to the photoshoot. 

Polaroids, selfie stations and photobooths with quirky props for your nearest and dearest to have some fun during the night.

The flipside is to have an incredibly big and diverse selection of photos, from the professional shots for the printed album to the more real and laughable ones, that you can use on your social media or just keep for yourself for a giggle.

The downside might be to end up with a mountain of photos to sort through - no rush, you'll have a lifetime ahead to look back on them.


Drone wedding photography

A different angle

This trending technique can involve overhead shots of you and your spouse, and the venue showing off the beauty of the Italian landscape and your delighted wedding party. What a great invention to capture the spirit and excitement of the day! 

By using a drone, the photographer will show the event from new, different angles and might optimise the appeal of many shots. 

Let's have a talk about it together!



Store your memories forever

There are many packages available to our beautiful couples, including a next-day delivery of some of the raw shots so you can get on the plane back home feeling truly complete.

Don't pass on the chance to see what options you can choose from to find the right fit for your day, and your preferred style. 

Our trusted partners will work beyond limits and packages to accommodate your real wishes, and we are here to guarantee on their amazing track record.